Sunday 3 May 2015

Viktor & Rolf BONBON


I recieved Viktor & Rolf BONBON  as a Christmas present off my mum this year as I had been wanting it for ages! When it comes to scents I will always choose more fruity scents over anything else. To me you can definitely pick out the orange and peachy fragrance notes which are at the heart of the perfume. This is great going to into the summer months as a refreshing fragrance with tones of caramel running through it.

I understand that this is a higher end perfume but I think it is expensive, for the eau de parfum 30ml it is £50, and the 50ml is £69. But compared with something like Jo Malone it is much more affordable. 

This has a great longevity as it stays on your skin all day, when I get home from work or whatever I have been doing with  my day I can still smell it strongly. This makes me think that you are definitely getting your money's worth. 


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