Sunday 12 February 2017

Single on Valentine's Day?

So it's Valentine's Day on Tuesday, and if you are heading out then check out my post which is a get ready with me. But, if you are like me and staying in because you are a single pringle I have put a little post together about what you could be doing. I definitely will not be feeling down in the dumps about being single but if you are you can definitely still have a great night in on your own and do not have to join the lonely hearts club.

For starters I would suggest spoiling yourself by ordering a pizza or your favourite takeaway. Why not grab a glass of bubbly on the side! It is time to relax by having a bath, pop on a face mask, doing your nails or just doing something which makes you feel fabulous. If you are wanting to watch something lovey dovey then grab your ultimate must loved up film and pop it on. If you are wanting something alternative as you can not stand to see one more cringey message or status on social media, then get an active film on where you can stare at some ridiculously good looking actors/actresses. Once your takeaway has been devoured, grab your favourite snack and munchies and have the best time on your own. I think we sometimes take for granted spending time to ourselves and relaxing our minds, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Here is to us singletons and still having a fabulous Valentine's day!


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