Friday 14 March 2014

Fashion Friday's - The Drop Waist Dress


This was the outfit which I wore on Saturday night. The dress is from Topshop and costs £20 which I thought was a really good price. I have found that Topshop has increased its prices quite dramatically over the past few months, and they have targeted all of the items including there basics. So I was nicely surprised when I saw the price tag attached to this dress. The style is drop waist which is really in this season, I was worried that this would make me look wider on my thighs but it actually flattered me really well and I like dresses that are not too tight. It really fitted me well and considering I am only 5 foot it was a really nice length on me. The colour of my dress is a navy blue; the range comes in many colours including some pastels for spring and summer. I was a bit worried it was not very dressy for a night out, but I think with the accessories and my chelsea boots the outfit all pulled together nicely. The great thing about this dress is it is very versatile you can wear it easily on a day to day basis, I have already worn it to uni with thick black tights, ankle boots and my leather jacket. Alternatively as I have shown, you can wear it to a more dressy occasion whether it be having dinner somewhere nice, casual cocktails with the girls or a night out.

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