Thursday 13 February 2014

Sick Day Simplicity

The weather is so horrid here in the UK, and I have inevitably caught the winter cold. Unfortunately, I am very busy at the moment between uni, placement and work, so I haven't really had time to relax and recover. However, my day to day makeup has definitely been impacted and taken a very basic turn. 

When I am ill I do not bother with eye makeup at all, my eyes always get itchy and mascara definitely makes them more agitated than usual. For my face makeup I simply stick to a light foundation, concealer, a little powder and blusher - very simple. I like to add a hydrating lip balm as my lips get so, so dry and the Blistex MedPlus is perfect for this. Then adding a little pop of colour to the lips makes it look like you have made a little effort and also with no eye makeup brightens your whole 'simple' look. I would not choose anything to dramatic, just something nice and rosey pink.

I watched a few YouTube videos lately where people have done 'Sick Day' videos and they have a full face of makeup on, sometimes more than what I wear on a daily basis! I say hallelujah to those girls as I can barely be bothered to scrap on a little bit, never mind bothering with full eye makeup and contouring. However, I think everyone responds to being ill differently and somethings putting on some pretty makeup can make you feel better in yourself and boost your self esteem, so I say go with whatever makes you feel good. 

So my simple makeup menu when I am ill consists of:
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - Classic Ivory
Collection Concealer - Medium
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Powder - Medium
Sleek Blush - Rose Gold
Blistex MedPlus
Revlon Colorburst - Sorbet

I would never wear no makeup all together if I had to be somewhere, although I never wear makeup on my days off. But, I would feel a little insecure not wearing any which is not what you need when your not feeling and or looking your best. A little bit just gives me the confidence I need to go out, do what I need to and get back home to my bed and a hot chocolate. 


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