Wednesday 11 July 2018

Primark Velvet Finish Foundation

Whilst on the hunt for the must have matte foundation from Primark which has been compared to Estee Lauder's double wear, I stumbled across their velvet foundation. I was instantly drawn into everything the bottle was telling me. It is described as a velvet finish foundation, which is medium-full coverage and acts like a second skin. As you may know, my skin is very dry at the moment due to my current acne medication. This means I have been staying clear of truly matte foundations as know matter how much moisturiser and primer I apply, it will settle into the dry patches on my skin. Therefore, the velvet finish foundation was instantly put into my basket in less than 30 seconds.

This comes in a glass bottle which I am not a big fan of as they heavy, bulky and inconvenient for both storage and travelling. However, it makes the bottle look more luxurious and much more high end. I am going to discuss the only thing I dislike about this foundation, and it is actually nothing to do with the product it is in fact the peppet you use to get the product out. It makes life so difficult, you have to press to suck the product up the tube and then press again to get it out. However, it drops very little product and you have to do it 5 or 6 times to get the desired amount out. I have found it inconvenient in the morning when you are in a rush. I have tried just pouring it out but you always end up with a little bit too much and it is much harder to control how much of the product you want. Primark please put a pump on this to save my sanity in the mornings!

I have been testing this for at least 6 weeks now and my verdict is I am a big fan of it. This costs just £6 and for this quality a high end brand would easily put this out on the market for £20+. If you having been reading my blog for a while you will know my fussiest product which I ever review is foundation, and I have put up a lot of disappointing foundations reviews. I think the drugstores contain so many amazing products which save us all so much money, but foundations is a place they really need to step up their game. High street brands just can't seem to compete with high end brands in terms of quality and colour range. I am disappointed to say that there was only about five shades available in this foundation. I picked up the shade porcelain. I have light toned skin but I wouldn't usually describe my tone as porcelain, however it was the only shade closest to my skin tone as the next shade up was way too dark for me. When applying it to the skin it is a little bit too light but on the whole it is a pretty decent match. I usually just mix it with one little blob of my Vichy dermablend foundation which is a little bit darker.

I have never had a foundation which has been referred to as a velvet finish so I was intrigued to find out what it had in store for me. The finish is lovely it is a demi-matte which I like as it still has a glowing element to it, but it dries down to a finish which has a slightly matte touch and is not too shiny. This is a perfect bridge between that matte and glowy finish which is perfect for the summer. I only have to apply one or sometimes two layers, using my damp beauty blender to create a medium to full coverage. If you do want a more full coverage foundation, you can easily achieve this without it looking to thick and it still looks like skin. For £6, every time I go into Primark I have been looking to get a second bottle, but it is always sold out. I have only ever seen it in a store on the first occasion which I bought it. This is always the problem with Primark, as with everything that they sell you only ever see things once and then it is gone forever. This is really dissapointing as I would definitely stock up on this as it has fast become a favourite foundation of mine. This is the first Primark foundation which I have bought and I have been very impressed. This is easily one of the best budget foundations out there which I have ever tried.

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