Wednesday 5 September 2018

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Glossier arrived on the scene with a bang, and I thought I would let all the hype settle down before deciding what to buy. Time and time again, I saw bloggers mention their balm dot com lip balms (£10) and as a girl with very dry lips I am always willing to try a new lip product.

I ordered two different flavours cherry and birthday. They essentially both have the exact same ingredients which are very simple but effective and this is the main reason Glossier's products have done so well. They contain bees wax, lanolin and castor seed oil as its key ingredients.

This is an all purpose balm which is great as it is multi-functional. The emollient is quite thick which I don't mind, but if you don't like the feeling of any product on your lips then the balm dot come is not for you. When applied straight on to the lips I do feel an instant soothing, it is a little sticky which is not a problem for me. As someone who lips get very cracked and overly dry, this provides instant relief and comfort.

To be fair you could describe this as glorified Vaseline, but I do find that there is a different in consistency due to it being a little thicker. The cherry flavouring can definitely be tasted when applied to the lips and it comes out the tube as a red balm. When it is blended into the lips it does have a hint of redness still to it and it does not rub in transparent. The birthday flavour does in fact taste like the sweet frosting to a birthday cake, which I again like. If you do not like sweet scents then I wouldn't opt for this one. There are no colourings to the birthday balm, but it does have a hint of glitter running through it which makes your lips look a little glittery. If you want something plain and simple they do an original balm dot com, which is probably your best bet if you just want the product with no frills. They also do coconut, mint and rose flavourings in this collection.

I have enjoyed keeping this in my pocket at work and applying it liberally when my lips get extra dry due to the air conditioning and rushing around. A little goes a long way and if you need some instant re hydration with one application this does the job.

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