Sunday 26 July 2015


Yesterday early hours in the morning I landed home after a brilliant 8 nights away in Lanzarote, on a girls holiday. We stayed in the resort called Peurto Del Carmen which I haven't visited since I was 4 years of age, so it was pretty much a brand new adventure for us all. It was such a beautiful island which was very sunny ranging from 30-38 degrees everyday. One thing which me and friends noticed was how particularly windy the island is, whilst around the pool it was nice and breezy cooling you down. Some times though it was a little too windy and my hat would literally fly off my head and across to the other side of the pool with no notice. We was planning on a relaxing holiday, after two of my friends had just graduated and me and my other friend have just finished our second year of uni. We all felt we needed a chilled holiday, just sitting round not really doing much. But when we got there we realised how big the strip was in the Old Town, and we ended up partying till 4/5 in the morning most nights - we just could not resist!

We stayed just above the Harbour and our room was overlooking the sea which was rather delightful to wake up to. Within the town there is an Old Town and a New Town which was great as we had so many options of restaurants and bars to choose from each night. We went on a lovely boat trip where we were told we could see dolphin and turtles, unfortunately we didn't manage to see either which was rather disappointing. But we did get to jet ski and snorkel in the sea which was a truly amazing experience, and we also got unlimited amounts of the 'Lanzarote' punch. This was where I took a lot of my photos as there was just so much beautiful scenery surrounding the boat. I really enjoyed the holiday, and actually managed to pick up a bit of a tan for the first time in a while which I am rather pleased with.

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