Wednesday 16 November 2016

Three New Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Last week I posted a Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection post with every shadow which I own from the brand. However, I decided that I needed to add a few more autumnal berry shades as there was a gap within my collection. I decided not to go overboard and ordered just three new shades.

Anarchy sits right in between Roulette and Burlesque on the colour spectrum. Whilst the other two are more on the berry toned side of the scale, this is definitely a medium pink with shimmer. I can definitely see purple tones running through it which I love as I do not like pale or bright pink shades as they do not suit my colourings well. This is so gorgeous and it was exactly what was missing from my palette. 

Roulette is my favourite from my first impressions, I have worn this a few days for work and I have really been loved it. When looking at the shade it looks like a burnt pink toned copper which looks stunning when applied. The golden copper part of the shade makes it metallic and really shines through making it a simple everyday rosy shimmery shade.

Burlesque is the darkest of the three which I picked up, and is a dark blackberry shade which will look beautiful when blended with other berry toned shades. It will be perfect for a smokey eye shade as it contains some brown undertones and throughout the autumn and Christmas period I can see myself wearing this a lot. When applied to the lid the burgundy warm metallic tones really shine through, which is what I wanted as I already have a lot of darker matte shades.

I am really glad I picked up these shadows as they all swatch and apply really easy with amazing pigmentation as occasionally I have come across some slightly chalky shades from Makeup Geek. These are such great value for £6 and I can not wait to extend my collection even more!

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