Sunday 16 March 2014

Recent Boots Buys

Seeing as there is the 3 for 2 offer on currently in Boots, I thought I would pop along and see if there was anything new to pick up. I have had quite a few bits that I have been wanting to try out. The only problem is the store near me is rather small and lacks the amount of variety in brands and products that it sells. For instant I have been wanting to get my hands on the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but my store sells barely any products from the range. However, on this instance I did manage to pick up some new pieces and I am very happy with my picks.

Soap & Glory The Ultimelt - This product has been raved about massively across the beauty industry in recent months and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. This is a deep purifying hot cloth cleanser, and it is suitable for all skin types. When I first saw the product I thought that the packaging really cheapens the product, it just resembles a giant tube of toothpaste to me. Anyway, I plan on using this at night before I go to bed to completely cleanse all of the makeup off my face. I am wondering if I will be able to use it as a kind of cleansing balm, as the first part to my nighttime routine to remove my makeup from my face and eyes. It says to use a grape-size splodge and massage over the face and neck for at least 2 minutes, then press off with a warm, wet washcloth. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that inside the box, there is a washcloth provided. I am very excited to try this and see if it is a new must have to my skincare routine, for £10 I am hoping it is a drugstore miracle.

Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion - Now, I have been using Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascaras literally since I was about 13 when I first saw it in a magazine and I have never looked back. Many people are constantly on the look out for a new mascara and they take pride of place in many peoples collections. However, for me mascara takes the least space in my makeup drawer. I think I own 5 mascaras maximum and I only ever use one. The one which I have been using for the last few months is the Maxfactor Clump Defy, this is part of the False Lash Effect range. I absolutely adore this mascara, and people can not convince me to convert. When the Maybelline Falsies came out and everyone was telling me how amazing it was, I thought I would just try it as I do still like to test out new products and maybe I was missing out on using an amazing product. It was inexpensive which I was glad about, because I just cannot find a way for me to use it effectively, and create the look which I can create so easy with my Maxfactor mascara. Whilst I was in Boots on this trip, I decided that I would not venture away from my beloved False Lash Effect range but would try another mascara from the range. The one which I choose was the Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion Volume & Length, I bought this is brown/black as I am very fair. The only negative to this mascara in comparison to the other one is that it is not waterproof, but I am hoping that it is worth the risk! This was £11.99 which is not extremely cheap for drugstore products, but if it is as good as my Clump Defy I will be extremely happy.

Pearl Drops Instant White - I wrote a post about this last week, so you can go read all about it here, and see all of the products details. But, I will let you know again that it is currently on offer for a third of the price so works out at £2.66, and I am really loving the results.

Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Oval Pads - I simply adore these! I use these for any occasion where I need to apply a liquid product whether it be my cleanser, toner or removing my nail varnish. You get two different texture surfaces to the pad. The light textures side is ideal for applying lotions and creams. On the other side is a more compact surface which can be used for nail varnish remover. The best thing about this is they do not leave fluff like average cotton wool does. At just £1.89 these are such amazing value and you get 50 pads in the pack.

You may be thinking where is the third product to the 3 for 2 offer. Well, I also picked up the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer as I have been wanting to try it for ages, and my current concealer is quickly running out. When I went over to the stand there was just one left in my colour which was light, which I was very delighted about. I swatched the sample on my hand and I instantly loved the creamy texture and it seemed to give really great coverage. So I popped it in my basket, as I had now been in Boots for over half an hour and I was in a rush to get to work. The product comes in a box so I did not really think to check the product before I bought it, which was a bit silly of me. When I got home I discovered some lovely person had dug their finger into the product and left their fingerprints in it. I did not want to keep it as it is so unhygienic and when I went back to Boots the lady was very apologetic. However, she said with the promotion being on they had sold out completely of the concealer, and the one which I had picked up was actually the last one in the store. So I sadly had to get a refund on it, but I am definitely going to pick it up again when it is back on stock.

With all the offers, coupons from the Boots machine and the £10 refund on the concealer it ended up costing me £14 for everything, which was actually really amazing value. The 3 for 2 offer finishes this coming Tuesday on the 18th March, so hurry down to your Boots this weekend to pick up your favourite things!

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