Friday 30 December 2016

Lush Christmas Sale Haul

So on boxing day I was working until 2pm, and when I came out there seemed to be a fiasco which had erupted on Twitter regarding Lush and their sale. Basically the server could not cope with the amount of people trying to purchase products. I had a quick peek and I was 90,000 in the queue and I could not quite believe it. People had been waiting 12 hours so I thought I would just see how fast it moved, as Lush do my favourite bath products. It turns out the sale online finished at 10pm and everyone was outraged when I woke up the next morning. All in all, they are bath products and everyone loves a bargain. My thought was that I would go into my local store and see what they had left to offer, as you have to pay £3.95 delivery online so unless you are ordering a lot you are not saving that much anyway after paying the fee.

I waltzed into Lush Manchester Arndale on the 27th in the mid afternoon and they had every kind of Christmas bath bomb which you could ever want in the hundreds. I quickly grabbed a basket and started to fill up if you saw my recent Christmas Lush Haul you would have seen that I had already picked up quite a few, so I did not want to go over the top. In bath bombs I picked up Shoot For the Stars, Northern Lights and Never Mind the Ballistics which are all new ones to me this year. I also picked up another Butterbear as they are so soothing on the skin and only cost 99p. This was everything in my basket I then got into the queue which was rather long and then I saw all the giftbox displays and picked up the Buttercup gift set which contains Butterball and Honey I Washed The Kids, which are both new products to me. I then feasted my eyes on the Snowman shower jelly which I adore and I love to use these in the shower. Then finally the Sugarplum lip scrub which I did not know existed until my sister pointed it out, it smells of blackcurrant and will be useful as my lips are super chapped at the moment. 

I spent a grand total of £16.63 which I think is a great price for the amount of things I managed to pick up. I am super happy with what I got, and did not go too overboard as sometimes you can get sucked in and end up buying just for the sake of it. However, I can safely say I am not going to be buying any bath bombs for a good few months now as I am definitely well stocked up!

Have you grabbed anything from the Lush sale?

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