Friday 15 July 2016

Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Fake Tan

My sister was the one who first recommended this to me. I was heading on a night out and realised my legs were pearly white in colour. I asked my sister if she had any instant fake tan as I was going out in 10 minutes time. She pulled out from her stash the  Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Fake Tan. I have never tried any fake tan from Fake Bake previously as it has always been way out my budget. She started to explain how this tan works and I was instantly sold, and told her to spray away. She sprayed my legs in the way a professional does when you got for a spray tan in motions up and down. I was worried that it was going to instantly turn streaky and it would be worse than before.

So all you need to do it just spray your area of choice within the tan and then give it a little rub with a tanning mitt to spread it more evenly if you feel like it is not quite as even as you want it to be. As we had a 10 minute window, she was sprayed and I was gently rubbing in circular motions. It took precisely 2 minutes or even less. I quickly had a look in the mirror and I was instantly impressed. The first thing I noticed was how great the colour was. Unfortunately I think this only comes in one shade which is Luxurious Golden Bronze. I am presuming the idea is that this is a tan which you can build up to your desired colour. Within just one coat I noticed that it suited me really well, and it was the perfect mix of not being too orange, too dark or too shimmery. I was so excited I went in with a second coating, and that was all I had time for as I had to go. All night I was telling everyone how impressed I was with the tan. But all I kept thinking was how much does this cost? as I know how expensive Fake Bake tanning products usually are.

The weekend after I went to Cheshire Oaks which is a designer outlet mall and I went into Sally's. I saw a huge display at the front of the store which had numerous different FakeBake products on it. I managed to find the Airbrush Instant Fake Tan in a 120ml size for just £7.99. I was super impressed and instantly knew that I needed to buy it, as it had lasted for 3-4 days previously before having to reapply. You can also buy this from John Lewis and Boots for more easier convenience, unless you have a local Sally's within your area.

I already know this going to get so much use over the summer when I want more of a tan for the day and night time. Like I say, it is super easy to apply with the spray nozzle, does not have a offence scent and most importantly the colouring is realistic and natural.


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