Sunday 27 August 2017

The Roundup for July and August

Thinking back to the start of July it seems like a life time ago now. I kicked off the start of the month going on a trip to London to the British Summer Time concert which took place in Hyde Park. The headliner on the Sunday was Justin Bieber, overall I had a fabulous day. The whole weekend was so great, and you can read all about the trip in more detail here. During the trip we went to a bottomless Bellini brunch and I enjoyed it so much it got its own blog post, which you can also read here.

I have to include the highly anticipated Pretty Little Liars finale. Me and my friend Lydia planned to have a pizza PLL party because we have very much devoted quite a few years to avidly watching it when each series came along. It has to be said we were both very disappointing, and we both looked at each and went "is that it!" when the big reveal happened, as it we thought it was rather rubbish. A massive let down is how we described it.

On the 7th July I turned 23 (finally!). On the day of my birthday me and my mum went to Slatterys which I have mentioned before on here. It is a big patisserie which sells the most fabulous cakes and hot chocolates. It is the place we always head as a family, when it is a special occasion. On the Saturday me and my friends headed into Manchester to celebrate. I had a great night, and didn't get home until 4am which is definitely the sign of a fabulous night!

The weekend after I headed to Carlisle, which was strange as I hadn't been back since last November when I graduated. Me and my friend Hannah went to see Little Mix who were on at Bitts Park. We had such a great night and as they always put on a fabulous show.

The last weekend of July, me and two of my friends Hannah and Lauren headed to Barcelona for four days. I was so excited as I have never been before. The girls who I went with had both been before and said how amazing it was. I have to say we did a lot in the four days doing all the sites, as well as spending afternoons on the beach and evenings eating as much tapas as possible and drinking jugs of sangria. I did two posts all about my trip a travel guide (here) and a food diary (here). It was an incredible city, and one of the best cities which I have ever visited.

Me and my sister went to Friendsfest, which if you don't know is a currently touring event of the hit TV series Friends. We went to the one taking place at Heaton Park, Manchester. I had such a great day with my sister and I had taken so many great pictures. I wrote an entire post on it which you can catch up on here.

Lastly, as I write this I have just got back from my holidays in Lido de Jesolo, Italy. I have had a fabulous time with my parents and sister, it is just so nice to get away as a family. The weather has been beautiful, except one day where there was a huge storm. However, unlike Britain the storm was very much here and then gone, and by the next morning the weather was once again glorious. We have been on two day trips to Venice and the islands, and I cannot wait to start writing my posts all about everything which we have got up to.

I think that is just about it. For the rest of August I am literally working the entire time, I suppose I should make an appearance in work!


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