Wednesday 19 July 2017

The Ordinary 2% Salcylic Acid

About 2 months ago I made my first order from Deciem and ordered The Ordinary 2% Salcylic Acid which to my surprised costs just £3.90 for 15ml. If you are a beauty junkie you will of been hearing about The Ordinary left, right and centre as since it arrived on the scene their has been huge hype surrounding it. If you have not heard of them, like where you been. The brand is owned by Deciem, and they have focused on having products which have targeted purposes, with simple packaging and no fancy branding.

In order to get the facts write on exactly the what salcylic acid is I did a little research from where I bought the product from. It is a beta hydroxyl acid in a solution which purposes is to exfoliate the walls of the pores within the skin. This also contains witch hazel which is commonly used in acne treatments, as it helps creates clearer skin and reduce the look of blemishes by exfoliating the inside of the cell walls of the pores.

So did the product work. I would say yes. Now I am on treatment for my acne which includes a face wash which I have been using for about 6 months, which I think has done nothing. I use the product every morning after applying my moisturiser, and I have currently used approximately half of the bottle. I think it has definitely contributed in terms of reducing my angry blemishes and reducing redness. I feel as though I have not had major clusters of spots, which would usually take a good few weeks to calm down, and this has helped reduce the timing to a few days. I was never expecting it to be some sort of miracle product, but it is the first product which I have used in a while targeted for acne where I have seen some kind of results.

I like the design of the bottle, it is small and travel friendly. I also like the peppet which comes with it, as you are able to control how much product you are using without wasting any. I have also been putting to the test the primer and foundation, so expect review posts on those products in the near future.


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