Wednesday 6 February 2019

Sephora High Coverage Concealer

Sephora's high coverage concealer has been a favourite of mine for years now. Every time I go on a trip to Sephora I pick one up. I remember a good 4 years ago it costs approximately 7 Euros and it was the rave amongst many beauty bloggers. Now it cost 14 Euros, which I think is probably down to it being such a bestselling product. You can see what I picked up on my latest Sephora trip here.

I find it hard to pin point just what I love about this. I know I love it though as it features regularly in my favourite products posts. I think it all falls down to it being so creamy, I hate nothing more than a concealer that feels instantly drying when applied to the skin. This is probably down to my own skin which is dry, so I opt for a creamier consistency. I have tried many, many concealers over my blogging years, and like I say I always go back for more with this. In comparison to the Revolution conceal and define concealer which has the highest coverage concealer which I have ever tried, this is medium-high coverage on my first application, but it is definitely building to high coverage which I think is the preference for many consumers. We like to have control of how much we are applying, as we all know exactly how much we like on our own skins. We as consumers like to have the option to build our concealer and although I love the Revolution one for blemishes, it does not allow you to build it up as the consistency is thicker and it is all or nothing with full coverage.

I apply this using a damp beauty blender, as I find it manages to blend with my foundation just the way I like it. I have also used my fingers to blend this is and it has worked just as well. It comes with quite a flat ended doe-foot applicator which makes it easy to apply, and it reduces wasting product as you have easy control as to how much you want to apply. I have tried two shades of this 20 creme and 22 natural. I find that 20 creme has more of a yellow undertone and I actually ended up with this by accident when my mum picked it up for me on her holidays. I used this under my eyes for brightening as it was a little bit lighter and I found it very refreshing as once again the creamy consistency blends flawlessly. 22 natural is the shade I have been using for years, as it matches my skin tone better as it has a pinker undertone to it.

The bottle contains 3.4ml which I think is pretty much the standard amount for all concealers, which does tend to last me a good few months. I also like the sleek design of the bottle as it makes it easy to travel with. I am off to Paris in two weeks and I will definitely be picking two of these up when I go into Sephora. It is still such a shame that Sephora is not sold in the UK even through any of our high end department stores. They have also made their website very hard to use and you have to now order through their French store. That is the exact reason why I pick up a few on my holidays each year so I never run out!


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