Wednesday 24 May 2017

Colourpop Haul

I recently got sucked in by yet another Colourpop deal and before I knew a parcel was waiting for me. This is my 5th Colourpop haul as I simply cannot get enough.

When you bought two eyeshadows, you got a free eyeshadow brush of your choice. I choose the shader brush, I bought this as it will be great for packing on the eyelid highly pigmented products.

I picked up two eyeshadows, the first being la la which is a shiny copper shade which I was instantly drawn to. I also picked up the shade so quiche, which has a slightly olive undertone but still has gold as its mains component. This are both ultra-glitter formulas which if you like shimmer and sparkle these are for you. In previous Colourpop hauls (here, here, here and here) you can see that I have picked up a variety of different finishes in their super shock eyeshadows. These eyeshadows have a creme formula which are super easy to apply to the eyelid. I usually just pat them on with my finger, or blend them with my fluffy brush to create a less intense look. What I love about these is you can get the glitter, shine and glitz without the fallout of a standard pressed shadow.

I picked up finder's keepers which is from their new ultra gloss lip line. This is definitely a high-shine gloss which is comfortable on the lips, but these have great pigmentation. This shade is a deep rose pink with some mauve tonnes. I like that this is not glittery, just adding shine to the lips making them look fuller and more plump.

I have been wanting to pick up dopey since it launched, it has been a best seller and has always previously been sold out. This is a gorgeous medium purple toned shade which still has some pink undertones, which keeps it from being too dark for my liking and colourings. The ultra satin finishes are just as pigmented as the matte finishes but contains emollients to keep your lips hydrated. This colour is stunning and it is definitely one which I have been reaching for often.

I instantly fell in love when I ordered a lippie stix on the whim in my last order, and I have been loving it since. I ordered the shade lumiere which is part of Kathleen Lights collection. It is a dusty mauve pink which has a matte finish. If you are making your first Colourpop order I recommend trying these out as they are great. They are hydrating, super easy to apply and most importantly instantly pigmented. A classic one swipe and go product.


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