Sunday 10 April 2016

& Other Stories Sale Haul

Whilst on my holiday in Spain we took a day trip to Malaga, and I was super excited when I saw an & Other Stories store on the high street. I instantly dragged my mum in as I knew she would love it. I first discovered the brand when I went to London last year, and I instantly loved the vibe and style of the store. At the front of the store they had a huge sale section which I had a good rummage in.

I picked up the Steel Garden Body Mist, the Couture Carnival Hand lotion and a Lauburnum Tide Nail Varnish. Everything which I picked up was 70% off which made everything mega cheap. The beauty side of the brand isn't high end to start with, but with 70% off each item was £5 so was now just £1.50. The body mist has quite an unusual scent and is not something I would usually choose as it contains floral scents, but it has a hint of apple and honey which work really well together. It is really refreshing and the perfect size for on the go to pop into your handbag. The nail varnish can only be described as being the shade of a mermaid it has multiple colours running through it and super shiny. I am a huge lover of hand lotion and I don't usually have a big bottle as I usually have miniatures for on the go. But I just couldn't resist this after trying out some of the tester and rubbing into my hands. The scent was what instantly drew me in, it is described as a 'rainbow of cocktails'. The scent is fruity and you can really pick out the sweet citrus scents such as pineapple and orange. It is quite a thick formula, but rubs in nicely and the scent stays and settles nicely.

Have you tried any of the & Other Stories beauty range?


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