Thursday 5 June 2014

Product Empties

This is my first empties post on the blog, but I seemed to have collected quite a few recently. I thought I could give you the low down on what I have loved from the products I have been using over the past few months. I have found some little treasures which I will be repurchasing as they have worked wonders.

Bioderma Senisbo H2O - I have two sizes of this the standard 250ml and the 100ml travel size. I think this must be my third bottle of this which I have used up in the standard size, which means for me that it must be a favourite. I like to experiment with cleansers but I just love how easy this is to use and also being able to use it on your eyes is a great bonus for me. I hate having to carry around a cleanser and eye makeup remover especially when travelling and the little 100ml bottle will last me a few holiday trips and it is just so small and convenient. Heads up is starting their French pharmacy promotion of a 1/3 off all Bioderma products from the 1st June. The full price sizes of these products are £4.50 for the 100ml and £9.99 for the 250ml.

Sure Deodorant - I absolutely adore how Sure has come out with these new compressed deodorants, you get 150ml in a 75ml size bottle. I despise having to carry huge canisters of deodorants in my handbag and when travelling they just take up so much space. I think this is such a clever and inventive creation and its such an easy concept, I wonder why it has not been created before. I have been using deodorants from Sure for years and I think they are the best out there. I love the different scents that they have, but the Bright scent is my favourite of all. It contains scents of flowers and apricots, and it creates a lovely fresh morning scent which is light and refreshing. Now it claims to be 48 hours effective, this seems to be a little far fetched to me. But what I can say is that it is long lasting and stays feeling fresh.

Lingering Eye Brow Pencil - This is the second one of these which I have used up, and I have just repurchased another one as it is a strong favourite within my beauty stash. At first I thought it was a little dark for my colouring so swapped to Omega, but I much prefer a pencil soft nib when colouring my brows. I love how the nib is like a pen and needs no sharpening, and I think it creates a much more natural look. I find brushing through with a spooly creates a much more natural look especially if you are fairer in skin tone and hair colour. At £13 it is not the cheapest but this will last me a good few months and I am yet to find something better. Although, I do have my eye on the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer - You can clearly see that this has been well loved, it is looking very well used. If this does not look familiar to you it is because Maybelline has given this a makeover and it has some lovely new packaging. This has featured in many beauty gurus must haves and I have to say I need to repurchase this asap. It is just £6.99 which I think is an absolute steal, it comes in two shades Ivory and Sand. I picked up Ivory and this is the perfect shade for me, it is light and illuminating and I mainly use it under my eyes. It really brightens up under the eye, it gives an instant pick me up and is especially great for those days when your eyes look extremely tired.


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