Sunday 13 April 2014

The Perfect MAC Quad

(From left to right - All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, Omega & Woodwinked)

Now, this is a bold statement to make but I think I might honestly own the perfect MAC quad. I can use it everyday to create a perfect everyday look but when I want a more intense look for a night out or for a classic smokey this can also be created with this quad. I actually only own five MAC eyeshadows in total, which is not surprising as I am not a huge eyeshadow girl but I am looking at expanding my collection for more spring tones. But then I look at my little quad, and I always know I can just rely on it at all times to pull off and create what I want to with great ease. The shadows are £12 individually or £10 in the pan form, and the 4x quad costs £6.50.

All That Glitters, was the first edition to this quad. I built it slowly over a few months to ensure I was including the exact colours that I wanted. I remember picking this colour and the actual quad up when I was on holiday in Ireland, I am not sure why but I just had an instant thought that creating a quad is so much easier than having individual shadows all over the place. When I started to create this palette I was MAC obsessed it was my first introduction to high end beauty and I thought it was the bee all and end all, and so did all my friends. I did not have any knowledge on colours and textures, and I can actually say that I created this quad with very little knowledge which I am a little bit proud of. As my interest in makeup grew I realised my little quad I had created featured three of the best know shadows, and are essentials for many people and often appear as people's must haves. This is a beautiful light pink colour which adds a little pop to the eye, it has a lovely golden shimmer running through it and I use this on a daily basis as a base. 

Satin Taupe is the darkest shade to my quad, and I wear this in the crease and outer section of my eyelid. It is the perfect colour to create the classic smokey eye, it adds an edge of darkness to a look. The great thing is that it is not too dark, I love a smokey eye, but I like it to still be bright and have that pop of colour rather than being made up of all dark browns and black. For the daytime I sometimes put just one layer of this on all over the lid and I am ready to go, it is a really easy shade to wear.

Omega was the last colour to be added to the quad. It was recommended to me by a girl working on the MAC counter when I popped into store one day. I had seen many people including it in blogs and in YouTube videos as a perfect colour for fair girls to use on there eyebrows. I have fair hair and a pale skin tone and I always struggle to get eyebrow colours that are not to dark for me. I love a full brow though and I have been struggling for years to find colours to match my colouring. I think during my high school days I definitely rocked eyebrows that were a little too dark for me, but I really loved the look at the time. If you swatch this on your hand it does not really create much colour and looks as though it lacks pigmentation. But, apply it with a brush onto the brows and you get that pop of dark blonde colour which is perfect for blondes. You can create a lot of colour with a the tiniest bit of colour. If you are not a massive fan or using pencils I would certainly suggest you try out using a shadow, I do find that it is long lasting and if you have a darker hair colouring mystery is often a favourite amongst many.

Woodwinked is my all time favourite eyeshadow colour hands down. A bold statement to once again make, but everyone and I mean everyone should have this shade. I bought this as an individual before the creation of the quad, but I miss placed it for months and I could not find it anywhere. So I had to rebuy it and include it in my quad as my second shade as it was such a must have. I then found the individual shadow but this means I have a double dosing and there is barely anything left in the single quad now, but it is okay as there is always a backup in the quad. On nights out my friends always borrow my quad and Woodwinked is the first colour which they are drawn to. I would describe this as the perfect everyday shade. It is a beautiful mid tone bronze, with shimmer once again running through it as I am not a huge fan of matte shadows. On the lid it is vibrant but and instantly brightens your entire look with one application of this colour. It is just perfection it is so shimmery and the pigmentation in all of these shadows are beautiful, you need very little product to produce huge amounts of colour.

I would love to know what colours would you or do you feature in you MAC quad?
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