Sunday 5 June 2016

Eyeshadow Palette Collection

This MAC Warm Neutrals palette contains so many great shades. This has the greatest range of golden toned shades which I have ever come across. That may sound a bit vague, however for a girl like me who is all about that gold eye this palette is perfect. It has a mixture of light golden with cool tones, medium toned shimmers and darker more rosy tones. I would say that a bit of variety of colours is lacking, but as the name suggests it is suppose to be a neutrals palette.

I had been wanting to pick up some Makeup Geek shades for ages, and after a few months I took the plunge and finally put my own palette together. I put them all in a Small Z Palette, so that they were all in one place and they are easy to swap and move around if I want to. I really like the formulation of these, they have great pigmentation, are easy to blend and last a good number of hours on my eyelids which definitely are more oily than dry. I love that I was able to create my own palette as sometimes in palettes you get a few shades which you love, but you also get a few which get barely touched. This way I have handpicked shades which I have chosen as they have appealed to me and I definitely use all the shades which I have in this palette.

The Too Faced Sweet Palette is the newest addition to my array of palettes. I picked this up on the launch day at the beginning of April, and I have been using this nearly on an everyday basis. It contains such a diverse range of shades including vanilla, peaches and caramels. This also had a great range of matte shades which is not what I usually reach for, and its added some variety into my makeup looks. Unfortunately, this palette has currently sold out, but if you are quick you can get it from their makeup counters in stores.

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?

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