Tuesday 22 April 2014

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan

I mentioned this in Monday's Recent Launches and Buys post. But it deserves its own dedicated post of its own. I have to really be liking a product in order for me to blog about it, as I do not want to recommend something to others for them to be disappointing in it.

If you had read my other post you will have got a little background knowledge about this tan. Basically Rimmel has relaunched their range of fake tans for 2014, and have featured the gorgeous Binky from Made in Chelsea as their poster girl. I have used their Sun Shimmer Instant Tan for years and have always loved the product. There are two types of finishes to this range - matte and shimmer. Last year I went for shimmer and although it looks nice in the summer and gives you a summer glow, I found in some lights it could looks glittery especially on my legs. Therefore this year I opted for the matte version, hoping for a more natural looking tan, but still getting that summer glow. It also comes in three colours - light, medium and dark. As I am pale skin and do not want an overwhelming over the top amount of colour, I choose light thinking that I could always build it up if necessary. I love instant tan over build able, as you can just pop it on if and when you need it and instantly. It comes outs there and then so you can see where you have missed and you do not have to wait for the colour to build over a few days. This is a wash off tan which is great, I used this when I went out last week and when I was in the shower the next morning it came off with little effort. I used a tanning mitt to apply it as with instant tan applying with you hands can end up a little messy and leave you palms stained.

I used this for the first time last week on a girls night out, and it just reminded me how good it was. I borrowed my sisters as mine had ran out, and she was telling me all about the new range and how it was half price at Boot's. I was telling her how much I love it, but if someone spills a drink on you it is game over as found that the colour runs really easily. She then informed me that this new formula is water resistant, which I was seriously so thrilled about. Therefore, I think this is a perfect tan for the spring/summer. It gives a lovely, healthy glow, you can choose the colour as well as your finish, its instant and waterproof and you can just wash it off the next day. It is an all over body tan for face and body, but I have not yet tried it out on my face as I am always anxious at the results. But if it is anything like the application to my body, I will be seriously happy.

I was intrigued when I went to buy my own bottle the other day to see that Rimmel now sell a Pre-Tan Exfoliater and a BB Cream Perfector Tan. The absolute icing on the cake, is that all the new Rimmel tanning products are currently half price at Boot's and Superdrug meaning it cost me just £3.49. I am definitely going to go and stock up on my next trip as I know this will be the tan I will be using religiously throughout spring and summer this year.

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