Wednesday 22 March 2017

Content change and being relatable

I write this on a Sunday morning whilst sat in bed on my day off deciding what YouTube video I want to watch. I then go on Twitter and I see a well known blogger has tweeted about buying luxury products which people simply do not need and should be investing in their future. I see someone respond by saying it's their choice of what they spend their money on and this always the question which it comes back to. Now I ain't saying we should be telling people what to spend their dollar on, as we shouldn't. I see tweets everyday some saying when did spending people's own money become everyone else's business. Others saying how the hell do people afford to buy all of these luxury goods. Either way it's a big topic of discussion, and whether you agree or disagree here's my opinion..

This shift in direction of luxury blogging/YouTubing is clear for all to see. I will start with this debate with the discussion surrounding how they choose to spend their money. I totally agree with the fact that it is someone's personal decision as to how someone spends their own money. This is where I think the being 'relatable' discussion comes into play. They are not forcing anyone to buy what they are showing, but how many of their viewers who have been watching/reading their favourite bloggers and Youtubers since they started out can no longer afford to buy what they are now consistently showing. I am very much aware that that I am generalising and I very much understand that this is only a micro selection, but I am talking the big time bloggers and Youtubers where it is clear to see the shift in their content. For me, I have now been working full time for 5 months and I have definitely fallen in love with a £600 Gucci Marmont bag. But the difference is for me if I was to now buy this bag I think it would be incredibly special to me and I think that is what has changed, or definitely how it is portrayed. It would be a one off item and I would wear it until to death, and to be honest I don't think I will ever part with the cash as I always think of soooo many others ways the £600 could be spent.

The YouTubers who have moved into this luxury end videos bracket have now very much changed their content from a few years ago when they started out, and for many more years after until recently. It is clear to see on my feed that the now Chanel Boy was once a £50 Topshop bag. Students and your average joe bloggs would have previously been able to actually relate to and buy, whilst trying to balance the books, paying bills, petrol and generally getting by. I fully understand that they are perfectly able to change who their audience is now aimed at now they can afford luxury goods and I think this is the answer. I say well done to them for making the money to be able to now afford these luxury items as it is down to hard work there is no doubt in that. But to many viewers and readers who do not earn this kind of money in a normal day to day full time job and also works just as hard, they do no longer feel that they can go out and buy what their favourite blogger and YouTuber is chatting about.

It would be interesting to see the change in audience and ages of people watching, as this is definitely where I think the change has been made. I don't actually enjoy watching these high end hauls as much as I do to say a Topshop or ASOS one, as that is what I relate to in terms of simply being able to afford. It excites me being able to put items on my payday wishlist, and taking inspiration. If it is another unboxing video of a Dior handbag I am more inclined to watch something else. But, that is my personal opinion, and I am 100% sure people will have a different view on this. I definitely do not agree with some responses saying that they have a 'responsibility' to only show certain things. It is their channel, they can show what they want and I hope I have made that clear. Like me with my blog, I blog about what I am passionate about and that's the reason I have been at it for over three and a half years now. I am just one viewer and one reader and I am certain that they still have lots of viewers who love to watch and read their blogs as they can also afford the same luxury goods. I am trying to get across with this that it is all simply down to a change in how they want to take their channels and blogs in a different direction. It's just that some people have changed their direction so much that they definitely are not relatable to some people. I think it is important to emphasis the some as that is definitely what it is.

I will always get backlash from this post and that is why it has took me so long to actually write it. But, I actually feel like this topic is always going to be around in the bloggersphere, but at the moment due to this change in content being so blatant I thought was time for me to express my opinions as at the end of the day my blog is here as my little space on the internet.
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