Wednesday 11 October 2017

Vichy Dermablend Foundation

Six weeks ago I made an on the whim purchase (which I do often!), and bought the Vichy dermablend fluid corrective foundation from LookFantastic. I have tried a few Vichy skincare products over the years and I have always been impressed. Their makeup line is something which has always appealed to me as it offers high coverage products for troublesome skin types.

I decided to make an order and purchase the foundation. I have to say I was very impressed with the service from LookFantastic, I placed the order late in the afternoon and it was with me the morning after. I opted for their standard free delivery service, so I was super pleased at how fast they got it to me. They also had a promotion which is currently still on at the moment, where the foundation was on offer from £20 to £15.

The shade range in this collection is limited as they are currently only offering seven shades. I bought this after my holidays so went with the shade 25 nude, which is the second to lightest shade which they sale. I think for my natural skin colour minus a holiday tan, I would need the lightest shade 15 opal.

I have learnt over the years that fluid foundations work with my skin type the best. I started trying this foundation with both a buffing brush and beautyblender, and after usually both a number of times I definitely prefer using a sponge over a brush. I use a damp beautyblender as I find it creates a much more flawless finish. I have also found with this product that unfortunately you can't skip the skincare and priming stage before applying the foundation. As it has quite a thick consistency once on the skin, having the skin prep stage first definitely contributes to a more perfect finish. Once applied to the skin the foundation definitely allows you to build to a full coverage, without having to add multiple layers. This has a lightweight fluidity which does instantly blur into the skin helping to hide my acne. Once or twice, I have added a bit too much and I have looked a little cakey, so it is definitely best to apply one layer and then build on areas which need more coverage.

Longevity claims to be one of its main selling points. I am the queen of having to wear foundations for a long time and when I say I put them to longevity test, I really do. On a standard day at work my foundation is on my face for 15 hours. For the purpose of this post, whilst at work I would check up at different times of the day on how it was performing. Before lunch which is usually 5 hours wear the foundation looks amazing still. When I am approaching the 8-9 hour mark, I definitely see wear and usually it is over my chin area. By 14-15 hours when I am getting home from work and have eaten my dinner, the foundation has worn over my entire face. I am however still yet to find a foundation which lasts for 10-12 hours without any wear in the slightest. Overall, it does have good longevity, and lasts the same amount of time without budging as my other favourite foundations. I just wish there really was a foundation out there that does not budge for my entire shift.

To mix things up on a few occasions, I have added a blob of L'Oreal's true match foundation and they actually work really well together. I have been very impressed as they have effortlessly blended together and once again have produced a natural, radiant finish. I like to often mix foundations as if you have a foundation which has a great glow element for example, but does not have your desired coverage you can create your own combination. I am yet to find the absolute perfect foundation which does everything I want, so mixing is a great way of trying to achieve this.

Something which I will say is that this is a 30ml tube and it is not going to last me too long. I apply two blobs of this onto my sponge, which is the amount I apply for any foundation. However, after using it 3-4 times a week over the last 6 weeks the tube is near the end. This is something which I am not obviously impressed with, and I am unsure to the reason why I have gone through it so fast as any other my other foundations are also 30ml. Therefore, within the next month I am going to have to repurchase another tube.


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