Wednesday 8 January 2014

Red Nail Combination

I know that Christmas is well and truly over but on my nails I really fancied popping on a vibrant red on to my nails. I reached for my trusty Blood Orange which is from the gelly hi-shine collection, if you have read my previous posts you will know that I adore my Barry M nail varnishes.

 They appeared in my beauty picks of 2013 post as my new favourite nail varnishes of 2013. The formula of this is similar to shellac its thick but just enough so with one coat you nail is fully painted. Another great thing about this varnish is that it is chip proof and lasts a lot longer than usual nail varnishes. I then added Red Glitter again from Barry M for an extra bit of glitter and it was a really great combination. I've had it on my nails 3 days now and there is not one sign of chipping or budging happening. I hate it when you have a really great colour varnish but you have to constantly top it up and mess around with reapplying. I love, love, love these varnishes and highly recommend these together!

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