Friday 25 March 2016

Colourpop | Haul, First impressions, Swatches & UK Shipping

   (L-R- Storm, Weenie, Between the Sheets)

(L-R - Panda, Echo Park, Lyin' King)

So I finally took the plunge and made a ColourPop order. I have been wanting to make one for months, and with the release of their Ultra Satin Lipsticks, I could no longer resist.

I ordered three of their new Ultra Satin Lipsticks in Panda,  Echo Park and Lyin' King ($6 each). I watched Kathleen Lights video which features every shade from the line, and it was so hard as there are so many nice ones. I managed to restrain going overboard in case they didn't work for me. I also wanted to order some of the eyeshadows, as everybody talks about how beautifully pigmented they are for the price. On first swatch they look a-m-a-z-i-n-g, they are creamy, light and so true to colour with their pigmentation. I am already in love with Weenie ($5) as it is just a gorgeous rose golden shade and is super pigmented. I also ordered another metallic shadow in the shade Smash which a more neutral toned beige with a golden satin finish. They have a really soft, cream like texture which I wasn't expecting but they both look super shimmery on first swatch. When I was checking out you get free delivery over $30 and I had spent $28. I also had a free $5 off your first order for signing up to their mailing list. Therefore, I ordered a highlighter in Butterfly Beach ($8) as it looked stunning, and has beautiful peachy tones running through it. My order then came to a total of $36 (£22.96). When I received my order I had infact received a matte cheek blush in Between the Sheets, instead of the highlighter. Between the Sheets is a mid toned beige/pink shade, which is a bestseller so I am looking forward to testing it out. I am also hoping that ColourPop somehow get me Butterfly Beach, as it looks so beautiful!

For shipping details I looked at Jasmine Talk Beauty's post for all the details on Shipto. But as my experience varied a little I thought I would outline how I ordered. Like I say I used the service called Shipto as it seemed like a cheap alternative to other services. On the website you can issued with an address (pretty sure it is their warehouse), and you send your order to that address and they receive it for you. You then fill in the details of your order including weight and it estimates an amount mine was $8 (you can do this before to get an estimate), and then you can add on insurance and a photo of your product which you need for insurance and it came in total to $13.50 (£10.10). I thought that this was a pretty great deal, and I was happy and proceeded to make the payment through PayPal.  I made the order on the 25th February and Shipto received it on the 3rd March, where I was prompted to fill out a declarations form, and and they shipped it to the UK on the 4th March. They shipping does say it can take between 20-45 days as as I choose the slowest shipping service as it was the cheapest. The Royal Mail tried to deliver it on the 26th so it took 3 weeks to get to me. However, unfortunately I missed the delivery and was hit was a customs charge which totalled £13.02 - £5.02 VAT and the Royal Mail added a £8 handling fee on top. It had a huge sticker attached to the front saying that any item over £15 is accustomed to a VAT charge. So I was pretty unhappy about that as it adds a hefty extra fee on to the overall shipping charge as it totalled overall £23 for it to get to me, more than the actual products are worth but it was an experiment. Other bloggers such as Jasmine have done multiple orders totalling the same amount as mine and haven't been hit with charges. I think it is just luck and the Royal Mail were feeling extra thrifty on the day they received my parcel! I am excited to try these out properly and I will report back with my verdict soon.

Will you be making a ColourPop order?

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