Sunday 14 May 2017

Makeup on my face

Since I recently organised my makeup I have been having a great time rediscovering my makeup collection. You can read a little further all about this in my shop your stash post here. I have been having a ball of a time recently and there are a few products which I have been reaching for a little more than others.

I have had the LA Girl Pro.coverage foundation in my possession for a while. However, I have been using the L'Oreal infallible full coverage on a daily basis, but it is a little drying on my skin. I will always reach for a liquid over cream type foundation if I can and that is exactly the reason why I have been loving this from LA Girl. This is a full coverage foundation which I love using with both a brush and beautyblender. The only down side is that this is a little too dark for my skin at the moment as it always hard to judge swatches when you are not able to look at it yourself in a store. 

I have not really heard too much hype regarding the Seventeen stay time concealer unless I have been on a different planet. I have been using this as an under eye concealer in the shade very fair and it has been doing the job beautifully adding light and radiance to my under eye area, without it looking cakey. It wears really well throughout the day and I am going to buy this in a slightly darker shade and put it to the test on my problematic areas. 

MAC studio fix concealer was an absolute favourite of mine for years when I first started wearing makeup. It is a full coverage and I use it to cover my problematic areas and I really like it. It is definitely full coverage and has quite a thick consistency which for once is what I enjoy about this.

Finding my MAC blush in Stereorose is the best thing which has come out of my makeup reorganisation. I used this routinely when I first got it, and at the moment I have been using it daily once again. It is such a beautiful pink shade which has golden glitter running through it. It looks amazing on the skin and it flatters my cheeks wonderfully.

I recently took the splurge and bought the Benefit goof proof brow pencil in the full size, and I am so glad I did as it is a really great eyebrow pencil and one of the best products which Benefit has brought out in a long while. I like the slightly waxy texture of the product and it applies very easy throughout my brows. It is also a great bonus that this comes with a spoolie as I always like to make sure that I brush the product through my brows.

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