Monday 27 January 2014

Drugstore Haul

I took a quick trip to +Boots UK on Saturday and picked up quite a few new bits. I went in for a foundation and came out nearly £30 down, but I am happy with everything I have bought and have already tried and tested most of it. Everyone in the beauty circuit seems to be rediscovering the +rimmellondon match perfection foundation. I am sure I bought this when it first came out and liked it, so I thought I would repurchase it and see if I can re-love it and at £6.99 I think it is great value. It took me so long to try and find the correct colour, standing in the drugstore swatching all the different colours is such a nightmare and trying to find the perfect colour is so difficult. I usually go for the lightest nude colour, but in this instance that was way to dark for me so surprisingly I went for classic ivory (101). I was so scared to go for an ivory colour, however I chose right and it has a more yellow undertone which is what I need compared to true ivory which has a pinky undertone. I had seen a lot of people getting excited over the launch of the Maybelline baby skin primer, however it just did not look appealing to me when seeing the product. I have bought the Rimmel fix & perfect previously and really liked it and had actually finished the whole tube. It was on an offer from Rimmel that if you buy any Rimmel foundation you get the primer for half price meaning it was £3.50, so I thought I would repurchase as I currently haven't got any kind of primer in use. Rimmel has also brought out some new products including the scandaleyes precision micro eyeliner which was on an introductory offer for £3.99. I swatched it straight away and popped it in my basket it is a very fine pen which can give you a really lovely thin line. I tried it for the first time yesterday and really love the effect you can create, I went for a very simple thin top eyeliner and it is also easy to create a little winged look in the corner of the eye, I definitely recommend this. Also, in the new line it includes a new mascara called the rockin' curves and another scandaleyes eyeliner called the thick and thin eyeliner which has a pen nib but is thick on one side and thin on the other. I really like the concept of this but when I swatched it, it seems like it would be tricky to hold when applying.

I then walked passed the +Maybelline UK counter and got instantly drawn in at the new products that they have recently released. The offer in Boots this week on all Maybelline products is 3 for 2. I had not heard about the big eyes quads which they have brought out before I stumbled across them on my visit. They have brought out a new mascara as well as five new quads which come in many colours. The luminous brown quad was the one which intrigued me most, I wear nudes and brown toned eyeshadows the most so it was a natural reaction for me to like this one the most. It contains a bronze, a light nude, a dark brown and a illuminating shade in the centre of the product. This was also on an introductory offer for £4.99, I always seem to miss out on these introductory offers usually as I can never make my mind up of what I actually want! I also saw the express remover on the stand (£4.99), it claims to removes nail polish in one dip, this is the only product which I have not yet tried as I have not had any nail varnish to remover. I really hope it is as good as it states, as I hate how long it takes to remove nail varnish with cotton wool and nail varnish remover. I will let you know how I get on with this! Lastly, a product which I have wanted forever, the Maybelline dream lumi touch highlighting concealer. I got this in ivory which I would think would be way to light for my skin, but I was once again surprised as it was a great match and the nude shade was way to dark for my skin tone. I tried this instantly and it does really brighten the under eye area, and i used it at the bottom of my forehead in the classic fan shape and I really like the effect it creates. I have never owned a brightening concealer before as I usually just apply a cream highlighter. However, this is a 2 in 1 as you can conceal and brighten at the same time meaning less time  and less products needed when applying your makeup. This is £6.99 and I think it is a really good product for the price. I got all three products for £11.98 which I think is such good value and was very pleased with everything I bought.

I hope this has been useful and given you some ideas of some of the old products which are still great and the new products which are just as good!


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