Sunday 27 November 2016

LUSH Christmas Haul

So over the last few weeks I have been popping into the Lush stores and picking up some of their Christmas line slowly but surely, and here I am with a lot of the collection and I think I have everything which I want.

My sister bought me The Christmas Penguin as a little gift which was lovely of her. It is a bubble bar containing lemon and mandarin oils, and it is just so dam cute. A new addition to the line this year is Snowie which is also a bubble bar  and smells sensational as it contains grapefruit oil and rose oil. I am excited to see this melt and the colours which it will bring out. One of my ultimate Christmas favourites is Peeping Santa. It is a bubble bar and makes your skin silky soft as it had shea butter within in it. The Magic of Christmas was one which I purchased last year and very much enjoyed. It is a giant bubble bar and I usually get at least three uses out of them so they are excellent value for money. The scent is cinnamon and almonds, and is perfect for a cold Autumn day when you need to rewind. Candy Mountain is a Christmas classic, the bubble bar smells of vanilla absolute which is quite sweet but I actually really like it. It turns into a pink glittery river when placed in the bath. Snow Angel is a bath melt, and is very messy with all of its golden glitter. It once again contains cocoa butter to make your skin soft and smooth, the scent to me resembles marzipan however, it is not too overwhelming. Butterbear is one which I always stock up on it the sales as it is only costs £1.95. It contains cocoa butter and cocoa powder, and is great as an extra gift for someone's stocking. Mistletoe was a surprise purchase, as I was not expecting to buy it but when I picked it up it smelt amazing, you can definitely smell the floral parts to the bath bomb but it is also light and I think this will look great when dissolved. 

Have you picked up anything from Lush's christmas range?

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