Friday 1 July 2016

The Monthly Roundup for June: Cocktails, Sale Shopping and Moving

As mentioned in my May roundup I didn't have huge plans for June as everything seems to be happening in July. It has been a month of getting my head down and concentrating on my final placement. I have also been trying to work as much as possible to make some money for summer for when I am back home, as I am not able to start my job until September.

I took an exciting trip to Sheffield to see my friend who is living and work there. I went with my two other friends and it was so fun taking a trip to another city, as I love taking spontaneous weekends away. We took the train which was lovely as the journey only took about an hour and I felt like a little girl going away on an exciting trip. We went to Meadowhall which is a big indoor shopping centre, we had some amazing food at TGI Friday's as a treat and then did some shopping. I had been ranting on to everyone about NYX in Boot's, so I dragged all of my friends in. I was determined not to buy anything but in that store as it was a large one, they have there own build you own custom palette (post coming next week!). I have not seen this in any other store and I could not resist. For tea we decided to make fajitas to save a bit of cash, and I got an overwhelming feeling of how much I would love to live with the 3 of them in a flat as we would have so much fun. We had a fab night drinking too many cocktails, and catching up on all the gossip as always! It has made me super excited for the holiday as these girls mean the world to me.

At the end of next month I am jetting off with those girls to Lanzarote, which is super exciting. This only means for thing - buying holiday clothes. All the sales started at the middle of the month, and I could have gone crazy online as there was sooo many bargains. Sometimes sales can be so hit and miss but these ones have been really good. It all started with a trip to the Zara sales in store as it is my favourite shop ever. My mum bought me a beautiful cropped bomber jacket which I have wanted for ages for my birthday and I am super excited to finally be able to wear it at the start of next month. I managed to not spend too much in the stores as I had already made a bit hefty ASOS order and bough some shoes summer sandals from Topshop.

I have been starting to pack up my things from uni and taking things back home slowly but shortly. I am definitely ready to move back home and I've started a countdown on my phone. I have enjoyed uni, but I am more than ready to start the next chapter, which is so exciting. I am a messy person so the thought of having to pack is a killer. Thankfully my parents are coming up to help me move out as as I have managed to collate quite a lot of stuff over my 3 years here.

The most exciting news to come from this month is that I got my last essay results back and after completing every calculation possible I will graduate with a 2:1. I am super happy with this as I had a really tough 2nd year and finished with a low 2:2, therefore I had to do really well this year. Unfortunately, since I don't officially finish uni until September I don't get to graduate until November. This is a shame as so many of my friends are graduating in July, but it will give me something exciting to look forward to after the summer.

I have got high expectations just for July, so I am glad it has finally arrived.


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