Sunday 3 March 2019

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

I have seen quite a few high end brands bringing out foundation drops and I was excited when Revolution had released their own version. The Revolution Pro Foundation Drops are only £5 which is a pinch of the price of some of the high end versions which I have seen have been £25+.

This has a water-based formula hoping to create a flawless finish on the skin. They say to use a few drops for a sheer wash of colour or you able to layer it up to build a more natural full coverage. I find you can add the drops to lighter foundations which is great as it can be difficult to get your perfect amount of coverage. These come in 18 shades I choose the colour F5 as it looked like a good match for my skin, however on application to my skin it is a little too dark. It is suppose to be for light skin tones with pink undertones, but this looks more of a match for a medium skin tone. I think F4 or even F3 would be a more suitable shade.

I have really enjoyed using these drops and I have mostly been using them on their own. I apply 3-4 drops onto my damp beautyblender and buff the foundation into my skin. The formula has a thin, fluid- like consistency which means it is easy to move around the skin. However, once in place I find that I do not have much time to blend and I have to get the job done as quickly as possible. As always I apply both a moisturiser and primer before any foundation to prep my skin the best I can. I think this is perfect if you like a light to medium coverage, which is all new territory to me as previously I have only ever worn full coverage foundations. I think you would struggle to build this up to be a full coverage foundation based on its watery thin consistency.

For £5 if you are on board with this concept I think these drops from Revolution would be a great place to start. My skin does not feel heavy which I love as it feels breathable. It almost feels as though I do not have any foundation on at all. The finish to this is definitely more on the dewy side rather than matte, which is always my personal preference due to my dry skin.

Even though I have really enjoyed using this, it has not become my favourite go-to everyday foundation. I do wear it often but not every day, and it has not yet made in to my top ranking three foundations as it takes a lot to make it in to those fixtures. I am definitely going to continue using these foundation drops as like I say I have enjoyed using them. I am very picky with my foundations and to make it into my makeup drawers it take a lot so this has done well!

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