Friday 29 September 2017

Fenty Beauty Highlighter

So when Fenty Beauty by Rihanna was first announced the beauty world took a big turn. New makeup gets released on a daily basis, and it can be hard to keep up with. But this was new and dynamic, and also shook the beauty market with excitement. She was releasing something which has been needed for a long time, a range of diversity makeup that caters to girls of all different colours and creeds.

It was released on a Friday morning as I was flying to Amsterdam. I was watching lots of beauty bloggers online who was at the event, and their swatches and first impressions were all positive. I managed to restrain myself and just order online one highlighter as it is not cheap. I prayed that everything would be in stock when I finally managed to get myself into Harvey Nichols after I got back from my holiday. When I finally went in store to pick up my killawatt freestyle highlighter duo in Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak, I dragged my mum around the counter for a full in depth look. I was really impressed and I have got my eyes on the foundation, I am just not sure about the matte finish.

As soon as I was home I could not get into the package quick enough. I was so happy when I opened it up as the colours were stunning. I instantly wanted to swatch it but the good blogger I am, I put it back in my drawer after staring at it and uploading a few insta stories with lots of heart emojis until I was able to take photos. As soon I had a day off to take photos I did it straight away, and then I instantly started applying it to my face.

For £26, I did have high expectations as it is a lot of money to spend on one makeup item. I own a few drugstore highlighters which are all fab, so I wanted this to really wow me. It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a product and I am half way there with this. I wanted to become obsessed with it and be wearing it everyday. So, I do like this, I really like it. The pigmentation is beautiful there is no doubt, a little goes a long way and it feels smooth on application and does not have any kind of chunky glitter in it. The only thing I have to be careful with this is that I wear a lot of pink toned blusher and the Girl Next Door which is the shade on the left, the lighter of the two can sometimes mesh in with my blusher and does not give me quite that pop that I want over my cheekbones. It is still a lovely soft pink sheen which has the perfect amount of shimmer and adds lots of radiance to my skin. The other shade Chic Phreak is a darker shade which has more peachy tones to it and contains more shimmer, meaning it creates a more intense highlight.

I like the combination of both of the shades as they are so different. Sometimes in duos the shades are so similar and you can barely notice any difference between them, but this has two completely different shades. For everyday wear I have been trailing wearing a little less than normal blush, and then adding Girl Next Door to the tops of my cheekbones to add an extra pop of shimmer. Chic Phreak is just as gorgeous, and it is definitely going to be my go to shade when going out as the colour pay off is beautiful and it really adds a more in depth and stand out highlight to my cheekbones.

I am really impressed by this highlighter and I do not regret buying it one bit. It is so easy to get sucked into a new big release, and buy before reading any reviews. I definitely do this all the time but I did have a really good feeling about this line, and I am impressed by what I have seen and tried so far.

How you picked anything up from Fenty Beauty?

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