Friday 14 July 2017


Me and my friend Lauren got an early morning train from Manchester to Euston, ready for a weekend in London. We were so excited to go and we had planned this trip earlier in the year. Once off the train and having met our friend Rach, we decided to head to Camden Lock market as it was only a few stops on the tube. I have heard so much about it, and it was as bustling as I expected. You will notice a theme in the post the weekend the pretty much revolved around good food and drink. We started off by heading to the halloumi fries stall which was incredibly busy, and they have definitely found a niche in the market. They were incredible and came with all different kind of extras and sauces which you could choose from. We then went for a wander round and found an amazing churros and dips stand which was delightful.

We then went to Proud which was rooftop garden restaurant in Camden. The weather was delightful and we drank cocktails, and just had a good catch up. We then went back to Rach's house where we was staying, to drop our bags off and freshen up. That night we headed to Hawker House in Canada Water which was great, it cost £3 to get in.  They had an event called Street Feast on that weekend. It was great we had very tasty jerk chicken burgers, and rose wine slushes which tasted incredible. They had music playing, and there was an outdoor and indoor section. It had a great atmosphere, and there was a variety of food and drink stalls to choose from.

The main event of the trip was going to the Barclaycard British Summer Time concert on the Sunday. None of us had ever been to this festival before, which takes place in Hyde Park over a two week period and features different headliners and other artists. We were not really sure what expect but it was built up amazingly with lots of bars, food stalls and game activities. Before we went to the festival we went to B&H Buildings for a bottomless bellini brunch. I wrote an entire post on how great it was, which you can read all about here. It was such a great place and we went to have food and a few drinks before heading to Hyde Park.

We got to Hyde Park at about 3pm, there was acts on throughout the day across three different stages. We were actually really surprised at how much variety of food and drink was on offer. As with all festivals the drinks were expensive, but the food was actually well priced. We took part in a cocktail mojito masterclass for free at Barcadi's makeshift bar, which was lots of fun. We wanted to try a variety of food which was available. As you can see from one of the pictures, we all wanted the chips and cheese. However, the mac n cheese stall was next to us and we decided to get a portion to share and it was so nice! The main headliner of the show was Justin Bieber, I have seen him a few times now. He was good, but the set up of the stage wasn't the best it was very low so we struggled to see him. 

On the last day we decided to hit the shops. We headed to the Topshop at Oxford Circus which is the daddy of all Topshop's. It is gigantic, on the first floor it is full of just concession accessories, which is amazing. We spent an hour looking round. We then went to Urban Outfitters, Liberty and & Other Stories. Being a classic blogger, I had seen so many people posting photos of Ben's Cookies and they always looked so tasty. I went and bought a box full to take home for treats for my parents and sister, and oh my, they are honestly the tastiest cookies I have ever eaten. They are super soft and have huge pieces of melted chocolate in them. I think I am going to have to ask my best friend Rach to bring them home for me on a regular basis. Before we got to train home we went for some dinner in Cookhouse Joe's, a burger joint which was not too far from Oxford Circus. I had this chicken wrap and chips. It was okay, nothing special.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend. What can be better than shopping, drinking, Justin Bieber, best friends and London! We are already excited to book to go down again for Winter Wonderland at the end of November.


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