Friday 12 March 2021

Netflix Picks #6

Bling Empire is classic reality TV, it is set in the glossy hills of LA and is based around the Chinese community who live there. It focuses on the rich and famous, and how they live their day to day lives. As always it involves the nitty, gritty gossip from around the area. It wouldn't be an american reality show without some catty comments and fall outs. I found it very interesting and it is an easy watch. This will definitely be back for season 2, as it became very popular for Netflix.

Bridgeton is the most watched series so far in 2021 for Netflix, it took the UK by storm. It is based on the novels by Julia Quinn. It is set in London and follows the lives of the rich and elite in the 19th century, and it portrays the line between the rich and poor. It is centered around the Bridgeton family, Daphne is a young woman who is forging her way within the heirarchy to find her future husband, she has to delve her way through many prospectful men. She makes a side-line deal with her brothers best friend the Duke of Hastings that they will court so their families will give them some breathing space. On the side lines is Lady Whistledown, she is a secret and anonymous newsletter columnist who breaks all of the gossip and scandals to the public. The story follows Daphne and her family as she marries and learns she has lived a sheltered life and has a lot to learn once she is married. Bridgeton has been praised for being a racially integrated show and showing how life should and could have been for those living in this era.

Emily in Paris follows Emily a young millennial who moves from America to France as part of her work. She struggles to fit in to the office and french culture. It follows her work colleagues and the drama, it shows the challenges of life in a new country, new friendships and love life. It is an incredibly easy watch, and I look forward to series 2. It also makes me want to get on a plane and go to Paris as it is such an incredible city. 

Million Dollar Beach House is set in the Hamptons following the young and money-hungry estate agents who are battling to make the most commission. They are selling the most luxurious, multi-million pound houses to the rich and famous within the area. As all reality shows, it explores the individual lives of those working within the office. It isn't quite as entertaining as Selling Sunset which I cannot wait to return. It just doesn't quite have the same spark, however I really enjoyed it and I hope a second series is on the way. In all honesty, I love being able to sit on the sofa, with a cup of tea, and ponder at all the magnificent houses. 

Tiny Pretty Things is set in Chicago and follows aspiring ballet dancers at an elite school. It starts with an accident of one of those dancers and the twists and turns behind what has happened. It sheds some light on the realities of life in a ballet school, the competitiveness, and the grueling regimes involved to try and battle and make it to the top. It follows new girl Nevaeh and her trails and tribulations and the behind the scenes of ballet being from a working-class background. It really enjoyed this is I still attend ballet classes, and I love watching how amazing the dancers are.

The Fall is based in Belfast in Northern Ireland, it follows the story of Paul Spector who is a serial stalker and attacker, and occasional murderer. It is a sinister and twist-turning watch and I was totally engrossed. DCI Stella Gibson has been brought in from London to help solve and catch this killer. It is a cat and mouse chase, as Paul is super deceiving and takes obscure changes to complicate things further for the police. Meanwhile, Paul is going home and leading a double life with his wife who is a nurse and their two children. There are three series to this drama, and wow I was gripped the entire time.  



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