Thursday 21 November 2013

Lush Fairy Wand

I bought one of the magic wands from the Christmas collection at Lush, it smells like the snow fairy bath products. 

I had really high hopes for it and the lady in the shop said it would last me 8-10 baths if you use it wisely. As I don't have a bath at uni I was looking forward to a nice hot bubbly bath back home.

The product looks amazing from first glance and I had real high expectations for it. However, I do not think it was worth the hype, it did create bubbles but I actually wasn't to keen on the smell. It wasn't that noticeable and was a little dull to me. I like exciting smells and this wasn't exciting at all to me.

The water was actually a slight pinky colour you can't actually see it on the picture but I hoped the colour would have been more vivid. The bath did however feel quite luxurious and my sister said I smelt nice when I got out so maybe it's just not a smell that I personally love. For the price which is £4.95 I think it has positives and negatives. To me personally I will use the product up but I won't be repurchasing next year, I was I had picked up something more exciting from the Christmas collection. Although I know a lot of people which adore this product but I wasn't a massive overall lover. 

Have a lovely day! 
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