Wednesday 27 September 2017

The Summer Slump

I am currently facing what I have named as the summer slump. This is basically realising that summer has actually gone, and I know longer have a reason to eat unhealthy and not bother to exercise. Before I went to Barcelona at the end of July, I was exercising regularly and eating somewhat moderately healthy. I honestly do not know how people who travel often actually manage to not to just treat yourself on a daily basis, and have two naps a day.

It is so crazy how time flies away, and before you know it you haven't been to the gym in 8 weeks. This is exactly what has happened to me. I had a fabulous time eating endless tapas in Barcelona, I then got home and had a week of continuous work and then flew to Italy for two weeks where as you would expect I ate nothing but carbs, carbs and more carbs. When I returned back for Italy, it was two of my best friends birthdays so we went on a big night out. I then was already in a 5 week slump, and I just carried on with it and had no interest in the slightest of putting on my gym gear and stepping into the gym. I have been going to ballet since the age of two, and if I am not at work I will always go to my ballet lesson no matter what. Therefore, I was fitting in an hour's ballet session here and there where I could. I was also slowly getting back into the routine of eating healthier at work.

At the start of September was my dad's 60th birthday which meant lots of celebrations and cake consuming. We then headed on a surprise trip to Amsterdam where we ate lots of delicious food. By this point, I was also continuously eating lots of cake which is in our staff room on a daily basis. I also did not enter the gym for another two weeks. This is where I find myself are now.

I did manage to somehow drag myself to a body attack gym session last Saturday morning, and I hated it. After about 10 minutes, I wanted to grab my bag and go. When I got home and after hopping in the shower, I weighed myself and boy was I stunned. I knew I had put on a few pounds, but I was surprised at the vast amount I had gained. This is when I realised things needed to change. I need to integrate my gym routine into my weekly routine, and make it as fun and exciting as possible. I need to make food which is healthy and yet I still love eating. I need a fresh mindset. Before this summer slump hit, I was enjoying going to the gym and eating healthier. I wasn't pressuring myself and I was okay with my weight. I have to say me adopting a better lifestyle is also to help my mindset. I have found myself feeling very lethargic and all round crap. I have made a lot of excuses, and I genuinely want to change. I am going to get myself back into it slowly, it is amazing over eight weeks how easy it is too loose your stamina. I realised going back into gym classes without doing any work in the gym was the reason why I hated it. I was unable to fully join in as I was so tired, my entire body ached and I had zero energy. If I am going to the gym I want to actually achieve something by the end.

Just as I write this, I have just watched Carly Rowena's latest YouTube video called beginners guide to getting fit. It was just what I needed as she states how you need to get yourself back into it slowly and not go full steam ahead, as that is more than likely going to end in being back in the slump in approximately two weeks. This is actually my own goals as I want to just gently get back into going to the gym 2-3 times a week like I was two months ago. My mindset had changed even in the past few days, and I am feeling more motivated to at least try. I know that October is just around the corner and my theory is if I am doing well with my little new routine, by the time the start of December comes I will not fall off the bandwagon again. Everyone knows Christmas is the worst. I work in a hospital and people are generous all year round, but at Christmas we get given stacks and stacks of chocolates. I want to enjoy my festive season, but also still include my little routine so when January comes I do not have to face another slump and be back to square one. This is all just my theory, and the little conversations my brain has.

So here is to the next few weeks of getting back in the gym, discovering new healthy foods, and learning to resist everything that lives in my staff room! If anyone has had a summer slump, please let me know and we can encourage each other to get back to it slowly but surely.


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