Sunday 6 April 2014

March Favourites

I always plan ahead to post this right at the start of each month but it always takes me so long to decide and pick from the stash my favourites. But better late than never as always...

As my spending ban is still in full swings this month has been about rediscovering old favourites on the beauty side of things. I have also decided to start adding in other bits and bobs which I have been loving throughout March into this monthly post.

So on the beauty side of things the Seaweed Matifying Day Cream from The Body Shop. I have nearly finished using all of this product and I have really enjoyed using it. It has a great creamy texture, to smooth and refresh the skin first thing in the morning. It creates a lovely base before applying any products and I would consider purchasing this again. It is aimed at combination/oily skin, my skin is definitely combination at the moment as it can be drying in places but oily through the T zone.

Stereo Rose from MAC, this featured in my beauty haul a few weeks back and I have been seriously loving this blusher. It is from MAC's new exclusive line called Fantasy of Flowers collection. The product is super pigmented and the tiniest amount of dusting on your brush produces a lot of pay off on the cheeks. It love it as it adds a lovely, glowing effect to your cheeks and really brightens up your makeup look. It costs £22 which is quite expensive but this will last you for years, and it is perfect for coming into these summery months. It is an exclusive as it is part of this collection so if you fancy getting your hands on it, I suggest you take a sneaky visit to Selfridge's soon!

This is definitely my rediscovery product of the month; MAC's eyebrow pencil in Lingering. This is my second pencil in this colour I used to use it on a daily basis last year, but I thought it was a little dark for me as I am quite fair. I went on to using MAC's eyeshadow in Omega as it was more blonder and more subtle. However, I have been loving a bolder brow this month and I think you can create your perfect shape with this pencil. It is actually like a pen which you twist up to dispense more product, I find pencils a little scratchy and hard to apply. Whereas, this is smooth and soft and I have really been embracing it this month. It costs £13 which I think is a reasonable price and they sell quite a few different colours in the range depending on your colouring.

The Scandaleyes Micro Precision Eyeliner from Rimmel. This featured in last months favourites post but I have still been totally in love with this little gem from the drugstore. It is such a good price, and I seriously love how easy it is to apply. I think eyeliner can be a scary thought for some people but this is great as you can easily create a line as thick or as fat as you choose. It costs £5.49 and you can pick this up in most Boots and Superdrug stores.

The Gillette Venus & Olay shavers have been a god send. I have been lovely this razor so much, as you can see I have recently picked up another one. This come with a moisture bar which means when you are shaving it leaves your skin so soft and smooth. Its so nice and I never get a shaving rash of any sort. They are quite expensive usually about £10, but Boots often have them on sale for half price which was the offer which was on when I picked this one up. It also comes with a really handy little shower holder which has a suction cup on the back so you can attach it to your shower so you don't loose it!

Okay beauty products to the side..

Frozen came out on DVD, I had not actually managed to go to the cinema to see this but my sister bought it and I love it. It is classic Disney, the two girls remind me of me and my sister when I was younger. The songs are so cute and catchy, its just an overall lovely film.

Now if you've never heard of a Juicecube before neither had I until I saw Fleur De Force mention it a while back I think it was in her Christmas Gift Idea video. This little beauty can be bought from John Lewis or online, it comes in a few different colours and costs £24.99. Basically it is a portable charger which you can carry round with you in case your phone/ipod runs out of battery when you are out and about. If you have an iPhone you know how quickly they run out of battery and as I've been taking many train journeys recently my phone was constantly running out. All you do is charge the cube, it comes with a lead and many different interchangeable heads which fit many different devices which is super handy. So once its charged pop the little cube into your handbag and your ready to go. When you need it just plug your appliance into the cube and it starts to instantly charge it. It has become so, so handy and I highly recommend these to anyone who finds themselves with zero battery on a daily basis. I am going to be doing a full blog post on this sometime soon if you want anymore details.

Hope your all having a lovely April!

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