Sunday 27 March 2016

Kylie Lip Kit in Posie K | Haul, Review, Swatches and UK Shipping

When my doorbell rang on Tuesday afternoon, I don't think the postman will of ever of been greeted by a customer with such a huge smile. I was beaming as I had been waiting on this to arrive for days. I instantly went inside and took my blog photos so I could start putting it to the test.

So the story behind this is that I have been wanting to try a Kylie Lip Kit pretty much since they were released, but I had been wanting to hear some reviews before I took the plunge myself. I watched Lily Melrose's videos which are fab, and since then I had been on the hunt to get one. I am one of those who once I want something, I am pretty determined to get it. But, the problem is that they sell out so quickly. I always struggled to know exactly when they were going on sale, as obviously there is a big time different between us and America. However, I was browsing Twitter and  a lovely canadian blogger let me know that they were going on sale in 15 minutes. As soon as 11 o'clock arrived I clicked Kylie Cosmetics and got straight on the page no problem, and before I knew it it was ordered. It is definitely just about getting on straight away! She puts updates up on her twitter feed both personal and the Kylie Cosmetics page, she also updates her personal snapchat to say when they are launching.

So to the product... I love it. Posie K is a great pink nude, which once dried to a matte finish turns into a slightly darker rose shade. It suits my skin tone really well, as I was worried about some of the other colours being way to dark for me. It goes on to the lips really easily, and dries almost instantly. The scent resembles vanilla and tutti fruity, it is not off putting and you can't taste it once it is applied. These are seriously pigmented, which is great as you only need one application. The dome shaped applicator is perfect as it is not too big and allows you to apply it easily. I have quite dry lips and I have found with other matte liquid lipsticks that they are way to drying and crack easily. This dries to a matte finish, but it feels light and comfortable to wear. The lip liner is also really great which was a great extra as I am not a huge lip liner fan. I do not got on great with lip liners but this one is soft, super easy to apply and does not drag. I use this to line my lips first and then fill my lips in with the liquid lipstick. The longevity test was put to the test straight away as I applied it to my lips at 2pm. It lasted excellently with no smudging, budging or colour fade. Once I did eat some food it did go slightly patchy in the middle of my lips, so it isn't totally budge proof. However, because it so easy to reapply it's not a huge hassle and it's not going to take a lot of time to get it to be perfect again. It then lasted fantastically until I went to bed a good 4 hours later.

Shipping Details
It took 18 days for the delivery to arrive, and I didn't get any custom charges (horray!) probably because on the box it said the value was $1.00! It costs $29 (£21) for the lip kit and $15 (£10) shipping so all together it came to £31. I know it is expensive but I am very much in love, and for £21 the lip liner and liquid lipstick is not bad value at all. I am already after wanting more - Candy K and Koko K. My friends are now wanting in on it too, so we can split the shipping between us. This is definitely the best way to go about it, so gather your friends and get ordering!

Do you want any of the Kylie Lip Kits?


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