Tuesday 10 December 2013

Christmas Is Coming.... DIY Presents - Sweet Jars

I don't know why or how I came up with this idea but I was making my list of presents to buy and I thought I should get a little creative this year and I find my family so difficult to buy for. I was browsing on Amazon and thought about making my mum, dad and sister little personalised sweet jars with the sweets that they each love in them.

So I bought the jars off Amazon for £1.50 each and then bought a metre of ribbon for £1.00 that would do all 3 jars. So it cost £1.88 each for each jar and the ribbon around the rim. I think this is a pretty reason price the jars are a good size and plastic so if there dropped there not going to smash and also there not heavy for me to carry home! I am going to get personalised stickers to put on each of them and then the week before Christmas buy there favourite sweets and pop them in fill it to the top and there we have a lovely little extra present. I think in total each jar filled will cost no more than £5. I know that in shops you can buy the massive jars of sweets, but I thought this was a nice size and they can reuse the jars and just fill them up with what they want in them.

I think personalised Christmas presents are the ones that are most appreciated, people like the idea that you have put time and effort in to making them something, and I think it can definitely some times work out to be a lot cheaper than being bought from the shops. Its shows a little thought and what's to say that people don't know think you have bought it from a shop. This is in no way difficult to do I just bought some jars and wrapped ribbon round it! But its that added authenticity of them all having their personal favourite selection of sweets inside that makes it special.

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