Sunday 23 July 2017

Superdrug Haul

I recently did that thing that happens every time I step into either Boots or Superdrug where I go in for one item, this time it being a new Collection concealer and I come out with a bag full.

Let me explain, so the makeup was on 3 for 2, my beauty blender has disappeared from the depths of my room and has been missing for a few weeks. Instead of splashing out on a new one, I thought I would save a bit of cash and try a Real Techniques blender. I was going to pick up the original complexion sponge, but it was sold out. I needed the concealer asap, and could not be bothered driving to another store to try and find the right sponge. I saw that they had a dual ended expert sponge for foundation and contour so I thought I would try it out and for £5.99 I thought it was a risk worth taking. I was actually wanting to also pick up the Seventeen concealer for my under eye area as I have been loving it, after about 5 minutes of searching I remembered it is only sold in Boots - *sobs*.

I was then deciding on my technically 'free' item and ended up at the MUA stall. I haven't bought many items from them, as I never known what are the best items to pick up. However, I saw the undress your skin highlighters in the shade pearlescent sheen and I was instantly sold. I already have one of their highlighters in iridescent gold and I love it. It is an amazing budget highlighter as they are just £3.

As I am going on two holidays within the next month, I needed to pick up my ever so trusty Garnier micellar cleansing wipes, and they are currently on offer for £1.59. I should have picked up more of these, and I definitely will be before the offer finishes as in my opinion they are the best face wipes out there high and low end. I also needed a new deodorant to pop into my work bag, as I can get very hot on my long shifts. I am not one to favour any particular brand so picked up a Nivea pearl and beauty spray deodorant because it was half price in store.

I was happy that with the offers and with my 10% student discount, all of my items came to a grand total of £11.12! What a bargain!


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