Wednesday 15 February 2017

Couponing Queen

I laughed whilst writing the title to this post as recently I have started calling my sister the couponing queen. If you are a fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians and you have the episode where Kourtney turns into a coupon obsessive who goes to couponing club, this post is not quite that extreme so do not worry. However, there are some new ways in which you can save and very easily create cash and vouchers without a lot of time and effort.

My sister introduced me to two new apps Shopmium and Checkoutsmart. I am putting these in the same category are they work the same way. Basically, both of these sites have apps which you can download for free. They both offer services from supermarkets and shops, they each have offers. They offer either products for free or discounted offers e.g. £1 off or 50% off. I was not really into either of these apps very much until my sister came home from Tesco with £20 worth of food and drink completely free by just using both of these apps. She then explained to me how to use them both and I have to say it is super simple. You browse through the apps and look for things which you fancy e.g. last week they had crumpets for free on Shopmium you then buy them like you would with any product and then you must keep your receipt safe. Then when you get home you go on to the app scan the product and upload a picture of your receipt to the app and that is all. People who work for the app then check what you have uploaded has met the terms and conditions of the product and then the money is uploaded to your account - as simple as that. You then request the money either into your bank or paypal, and within a few days it will be there. Once you have done it a few times you will understand how simple it is to use. If you want to be nice you can refer your friends and get £3 credit to your account on shopmium, if you do download the app and want to nice if you add my code: AKUHCMMT I will get the credit, and you get a free lindt chocolate bar! I am not sponsored in anyway, shape or form, just if you fancy being kind.

Completing surveys is also another really simple way of earning vouchers. I have been signed up to Valued Opinions for about two years now and I have so far redeemed at £60 worth of vouchers, and I could of made so much more by now but I stopped doing surveys for months over the summer. It is really simple you fill out surveys via the app or online and if you meet the quota, you complete the survey and then it is then added to your account. When you have made £10.50 you can choose a voucher from a huge variety of different retailers including amazon, argos, dorothy perkins, topshop etc. and it is delivered to your home address for you to spend.

Panelbase works the same way as Valued Opinions in terms of it being a survey based service. It works in the same way that you are asked questionnaires and you earn a certain amount of money for each survey which you fully complete. However, you can choose either to receive it into your bank account via BACS or a gift voucher for your favourite retailer. I usually opt for the money option into my bank account.

Quidco is one which I am still getting to grips with it. My sister briefly showed me how to use it. Basically, when you are shopping online you use their site. You browse the offers which they have on offer which they state is over 4,500. You then use their links to visit retailers and then purchase as you normally would do. You then get cashback as you can withdraw all your cashback earnings to your bank or PayPal account. So on Topshop you get 5.25% cashback on whatever you buy, you just have to ensure you go through their site when you are buying as it records that you have used their links.

O2 priority as it says is only available to O2 customers, but what surprises me is the amount of the O2 customers who do not actually use this offer. I have the app on my phone and it is super easy to use. It has great offers which change regularly, the one which I use regularly is the any main course at Pizza Express for £5. They also have offers where you can get a free drink at certain supermarkets/ branded chains, you can get discount on certain websites which they give you a code for. Like I say some offers change regularly, which is great as you are always getting new offers to use. However, other offers like the Pizza Express one has been valid for the last 2 years which I have been with 02.

I hope this has been useful. If you have other ways of saving and being money savvy please let me know and share in the comments...


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