Sunday 1 May 2016

April spending ban - the lowdown

At the end of March I seemed to have a pile of new makeup stacked up in the top of my muji drawers. I had my new Kylie Lip Kit which I had been wanting for the whole of March, and I finally took the plunge and got my hands on one. I also made a Colourpop order which I had also been wanting to make forever. I think that you can get pulled in very easily to making online orders, and forget how much you've already spent even quicker. Then I went on holiday to Spain and not one. but two Sephora trips happened which included a lot of Kat Von D which have hefty price tags. Therefore, I pledged for the whole of April to not buy any makeup or beauty products at all. I knew this was going to be hard, but until you've banned myself you don't quite realise how often you 'treat' yourself.

You are going to totally laugh as I kind of failed on day one. On the 31st March Kylie Jenner announced she was releasing a new line of lip glosses and I totally got caught up in the action. So on the 1st April when they were released I ordered two. I was considering ending my ban there and then, but I thought I would carry on and see how I would get on.

For the first half of the month I had been on the look out for the Pixi Glow Tonic in every M&S in the North West I think, but thankfully it is sold out. I have checked BeautyBay and it is stock but I don't need to until the end of the month so I think I will be able to resist. Receiving a text off my friend saying the next holiday installment is due next week has definitely managed to keep my spending at bay. Even if I do say so myself so far I think I am doing well.

I did have a stumble on the 19th April as I went to a student lock in night in Manchester. Boots were offering 10% off everything and I also had a £10 voucher to use. I did picked up a few bits from NYX, I went in for the Angel Veil Primer as my Laura Mercier one had ran out and I've heard it is a good dupe for it. I also picked up a new butter gloss in Angel Food Cake and a Born to Glow Illuminator. I spent £11 of my own money, as I also used the voucher so I didn't do too much crazy spending.

I had to literally prise the laptop out of my hands when Jeffree Star released his new liquid lipstick in Scorpio, but I decided it wasn't an everyday shade. But god help me when they release the shade Gemini as I don't think I will be able to resist. I also resisted a Colourpop order (although my saved basket is full!) and ordering some Morphe brushes. I was so close to ordering and then I thought about everything in which I need to pay for in the next few weeks and that definitely managed to squash my temptations.

It is now the last day in April and I am super proud of how well I have done. I did have two minor slip ups but they weren't massive, and I didn't spend a lot at all which I am super happy with. I think I did save a little money, but I found myself treating myself to other things instead which kind of took the purpose of the spending ban away. If I was to do it again I would definitely put myself on a spending ban of all types, and not just beauty products. Like I have said having at the back of my mind that I have to pay for holidays and a hen do, that definitely kept me on track and focused.

Now, where are all of those saved basket full of products at!


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