Friday 5 August 2016

The Monthly Roundup for July

To say that July has been jam packed is an understatement. I had so many plans throughout the month, I've made a list so I don't miss anything out. 

First up, I went to Beyonce at the start of the month. This was held at the Emirates Cricket Ground in Old Trafford within Manchester. I went with two of my best friends and it was an event which we had all been looking forward to for months. I had previously seen Beyonce once before about 4 years ago and she was sensational, and I just could not miss out on seeing her on this tour. I am sooo happy I got to see her as she did not disappoint. She is simply breathtaking to look her at, her body is amazing, she is so toned, muscly and curves exactly in the right places and you can tell she takes pride in her looks. Her voice is angelic and there is no other female artist out there who can sing like her - hands down. As she can probably tell I am a mega fan, but I think she is such a great role model for girls, and I love everything which she stands for and represents. That ticket is the best £85 I've spent in a long time!

My 22nd birthday was on the 7th July, and unfortunately due to having Beyonce off earlier in the week I had to work on that day. My lovely mentor let me go at dinner time and I was super excited. I ended up going for a meal with my uni friends at Pizza Express and celebrated over a bottle of wine. I also went on a night out in Manchester with my friends at home, we went to The Lawn Club in Spinningfields which was a lovely, relaxed place to have a few cocktails. They have an outdoor heated area which was really peaceful and I would definitely revisit. We then went onto Albert Schloss which was also a first for me, I really enjoyed it as they had a live band on, who were really good and played a variety of different music.

The 16th July was the day I finally packed up and moved home from Carlisle for good. I finished placement earlier in the week, then worked a few final days and spent the rest of the time packing. I did not get as emotional as I thought I would when moving out, as I was just super excited to be back home. Carlisle was always a temporary home for me and I was never going to stay there, maybe that is the reason why. All my friends, family and my new job are at home so I felt like this was a new chapter when I moved back. Carlisle has treated me well, I have made some friends for life and have achieved my degree so I can't complain. 

One of my close friends at uni is getting married in September, and she had her hen do in Newcastle. This was my first ever hen do so I was a little nervous as to what to expect, but I was also super excited as I got to reunite with my closest uni friends. The weekend was fabulous, we stayed in a hotel in Jesmond which was just a hop, skip and jump away from the city centre. On the first night we went to the theatre to see West Side Story which we all really enjoyed. We was always planning the biggest night to be the Saturday, so after the show we decided to have a few drinks back at the hotel and get a good night's sleep. On the Saturday we went to an absolutely divine restaurant which did not disappoint as the food and cocktails were sensational. On the Saturday night we went to Madame Koos for a cocktail masterclass. It cost us £25 each but it was such great fun, we were split into teams and had to do competitions and the forfeits included drinking 64% rum shots. As you can imagine we were all very merry after, but the night was definitely still young. We partied the night away, and most importantly the hen had an amazing time and said it was everything which she wished for and better.

I got back from the hen do on the Sunday night, and on Monday afternoon I flew to Tenerife with 4 of my best friends from home. We had been looking forward to our annual girls holiday for months, and I had an amazing time. We went for a week and stayed in a resort called Las Americas. This was a really lovely resort as it had a strip of bars and clubs which were for the younger generations. However, it is also an amazing beach which had some high end cocktail bars on the coastline with a view of the sea. It also had a big shopping area which would be perfect for families as this area had lots of cafes. restaurants and night time entertainment. Whilst we were there we visited the Siam Waterpark which was great as it is the biggest in Europe, if you visit Tenerife it is a great tourist attraction. The food within Tenerife was amazing, and I did not have one meal which I thought was average, the meals were also really well priced which is great as like I say they were really yummy and good quality.

As you can see I wasn't exaggerating when I said I had a busy July, and trying to keep up with my blog has been tough but I have managed to keep to my schedule. The start of August is not very busy for me, and then towards the middle of the month I am going on holiday again to Majorca for just over 2 weeks which is super exciting!

What did you get up to in July?

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