Monday 11 November 2013

I have to have this scarf...

Venturing away from beauty blogging for one second and just look at this .... 

Okay you've had a second to look... How beautiful is this I'm not going to lie I saw the wonderful Lily Pebbles wearing the green version of this in her latest video and I think she did a blogpost on it. So I had a quick look online at what other beauty's Zara had to offer and I just clicked and zoomed on it immediately! 
I've wanted a red tartan scarf every year in autumn and I've just never found one, but I think my search is now over. 

This scarf is two toned though and I like how the other side of tartan is monochrome which simply means it will match everything when I'm have a bright girly day and when I'm having an all round head to toe dark day I can wear the red scarf to brighten everything up. Overall winner I say! This will be able to worn everyday during winter its definitely a winter staple and tartan is a central theme during the autumn/winter trend of 13/14.

Another thing I'm going to buy when I head home.. Another expensive weekend! Luckily I'm going home next weekend so all my wish list purchases including this are going to be snapped up. I'm just praying it's in stock when I get there. 

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