Thursday 7 July 2016

NYX Custom Palette

Whilst taking a weekend trip to Sheffield, I went to Meadowhall and they had a really big Boot's store. Whilst wandering the aisles of their NYX stand I stumbled across a big custom palette section which set my heart racing. I have never seen this before and I thought it was such great value. I managed to persuade the other girls that this was such a great idea, and perfect for holiday. You can choose from a 4 or a 9 palette. I thought I wouldn't go overboard so I choose the 4 palette. It took us at least half an hour to choose 4 shades. It was such a hard decision as there was so much choice. By the end the other girls were sick to death of choosing, and they were getting stressed about it which I would really funny as that's how I always get!

The 4 colours which I finally chose were Sex Kitten, Pixie, Vixen, Addiction. The eyeshadow palette was £3.50, and the inserts were £2.50 each. I thought this was great value and it was a good investment. I always think no matter what palette you buy, there is always some colours which you barely ever touch. I have certain tones of shades which I always gravitate to, as they are what I think look the best on me. This is why I love custom palettes so much as you can personally choose your favourite colours, and put together something which compliment each other and you know you will use.

I used this for the first time on the night that I bought them and I found that some of the shadows needed to be sprayed with my Urban Decay Fixing Spray in order to bring the pigments out. I actually found that these have a smooth and easy to blend consistency. I applied my eyeshadow primer before this and I found that during the night they latest well. I was really happy with the combination of what I had chosen to put in my palette as I used all 4 shades that night and they worked beautifully together.

I really love the idea of these custom palettes as you can probably tell. I think these are great value as the shadows are usually £3.50 each, so you are saving £1 just by buying the pan form. I have had my eye on the NYX Highlight and Contour Palette for a while now and it is a great price at £18. Within that Boots concession you are able to buy a custom contour palette which I was really excited about, however they were sold out in the correct shades for my skintone. I so hope that they bring these custom palettes to all of the stores soon, as I think this a brilliant idea. I for one will be being it for sure.

Have you tried any of the NYX eyeshadows?

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