Tuesday 18 February 2014

Updated Wish List

I am heading back home next week from uni meaning that I will be able to visit all of my favourite beauty and fashion emporiums. I like to make a list of all the possibilities of everything I want to buy, so I don't go too overboard! It also means you don't go off track buying something, then remember that other something which had been on your wishlist forever and you now can't afford. I am also one for spontaneity as I think too much research into what you want to buy and only sticking to your little wish list can seriously take all the fun out of your shopping experience. I like to have my little list just so it keeps me on a track and on budget. However, I always leave some space knowing I will want something  new that I have never seen before, and I know I can afford it because I've budgeted for it. A win, win situation! Although, on my last trip home at Christmas I barely managed to buy anything as it was such a whirlwind visit. I have used up so many of my high end products recently and I am scraping the edges to get the last bits. My fave MAC concealer, foundation and blush are all on their last uses, and are in urgent need of being replaced.

Before I moved to uni I definitely took advantage of all the amazing stores which I have in my home city. As you grow up just being able to 'nip' to town for this and that becomes a natural process, you don't realise that people just don't have the vast amount of shops that you luckily have in your local city. So these days when I head back home, I am armed with my shopping list to tied me over for the next few months. That doesn't mean that I only do my shopping every few months when I go home as that would be so boring, but I definitely go to the drugstore more now. I do also occasionally order something online but obviously only when its free because I have one rule - never pay delivery!

So my previous wishlist was everything which I was drooling over post Christmas. Unfortunately I have not been able to buy one item off that list yet! However, that wishlist was for the whole of 2014 so hopefully I will have a few pieces from it by the end of the year!

This months wishlist is makeup and skincare based and contains mostly high end products. It will include a trip to Selfridges, Space:NK, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Boots. This is how the list is shaping up, it will swap and change a little before next week but here is how it stands today:

- MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadow X4  - £6.50
- MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow  - £10
- Emma Hardie Face and Body Hamper - £30
- Bobbi Brown Amnesia Rose Collection Lipstick in Cosmic Lily - £22
- Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush -£9.99

The list isn't huge but these are the products that I definitely want to pick up - for certain.
I am also needing a new high end concealer and foundation but I know that I can't buy and/or afford everything all at once so I might have to hold up on them. I saw Lily Pebbles review on the re-release of their well known mineralize blush in Stereo Rose. It comes as part of their new Fantasy of Flowers collection which is available to buy on the 6th March and it will cost £22. I am for sure wanting this but I will have to order it online unfortunately as I will not still be at home when it is released, I may have to break a promise of a lifetime and pay delivery! A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!

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