Tuesday 1 December 2015

Edinburgh Christmas Markets

Last weekend me and my family met up in Edinburgh, with the intention of going around the Edinburgh Christmas markets. We visited them two years ago, and thought they were great. This year they were just at good, we had a sensational day. The way they set them out they are so spacious, and you are able to walk up and down and have a proper look at everything on offer on the stalls. The stalls are all from different European nations, offering such a variety of different things. There are traditonal decorations, crafts, clothing, food and sweets stalls. I would definitely say that there is something for everyone. We didn't end up buying that much really, except some really cute little Christmas tree decorations. We also had our dinner there, we all got burgers and hotdogs from one of the stands. Mine tasted divine, and we were all really impressed with the quality. We of course had to have the chocolate covered fruit kebabs, I had strawberries and it tasted so nice. It was such a lovely day out, and you are able to stay for a good few hours looking round them, as there is so much on offer.

Have you been to the Edinburgh Christmas markets?

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