Sunday 16 August 2015

The Much Smaller Than Anticipated Sephora Haul

First things first, I have to say that I had been rather excited for the past few months about my visit to the Sephora store in Milan. It's advertised as "the biggest in Europe" which rather excited me. So over the last few months I have been putting together a wish list and had essentially saved up for my purchases. All I had been going on about to my parents was this visit, to the palace which is formally known as Sephora.

I dragged my mum in with me and she said I'll carry the basket! As you can see from the picture I came out with barely anything! The brands in which they had were everything which I can buy in Britain from our department stores brands like - Benefit and Dior. I do like Sephora's individual brand which I bought a variety of things from last year which you can see in this post here. I had wanted to buy products from brands which are currently unavailable over here such as Kat Von D, Bite Beauty and Kate Somerville but this Sephora stocked none of them.

The only thing which I actually picked up which was on my wish list is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Mandarin Muse which is a Essie Button influence. It always looks so beautiful on her, and she has similar colourings to me. I love the formula of these as I picked up two last year. In hindsight I wish I had also picked up the colours Always Red and Strawberry Kiss, which have now been added to next years list! What I did notice about these were that I am sure last year these cost around €7 but this I think with all the interest they have sneaked the price up to €10.

The Super Nourishing Lip Balm was a purchase in the ever so famous aisle of doom - simply as my lips were so dry from the humidity of the Italian weather being way over 30 degrees everyday and my lips just not being used to it. But I have to say it did the job, and for €4 it was a great additional find.

There was a Sephora nail varnish stand were everything was on sale, this dark sparkly pink in the shade Sweet Revenge (not available online) really caught my eye and my mum took a shine to it too. So we decided to share it and at just €2 it was a risk worth taking.

And that concludes the smallest ever Sephora haul, which has probably ever been posted by a blogger! But there we go, and I was very disappointed but hey ho! I would love to make a Sephora order online butt the minimum of £75 and £10 is a little too excessive for me liking.

Have you found the Sephora stores in Europe to be disappointing?


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