Saturday 8 April 2017

ASOS floral embroidered shoulder bag

I was recently browsing the lovely Hannah Gale's Instagram which I do must days, and I stumbled across this amazing ASOS floral embroidered shoulder bag. I was so happy to see that it costs just £30 as I thought it was definitely from an upmarket designer and it was going to be cost a lot more money due to all of its fabulous features. I instantly ordered it and sent a picture to my friends group text and they all gave it the seal of approval.

I am still in the stages of debating over which Gucci bag to buy which means I am scrolling through their website daily, and they have very recently dropped their brand new line called the Sylvie collection. It is full of beautiful embroidery and bright, colourful designs and this definitely seems to have some influences from that line. I have ASOS premier so I was super excited when this arrived on my doorstep the next day, but unfortunately my first one had a big dirty mark on the front. I sent it back and instantly ordered a new one as I wanted to take it on my holidays. My second one was in perfect condition and I was super impressed as to how big it was inside, you can definitely use this as your everyday bag. On my trip to Prague I used this regularly and I managed to fit in all the essentials - phone, purse, sunglasses, guide book and lip balm.

I think the bright pink shade is beautiful and perfect for the spring/summer, and the embroidered detail is really eye catching. A brilliant feature is the big, thick gold chain detailed handle. It makes the bag very sturdy and there is no way that it is going to come off anytime soon. The thickness and length of the chain makes it super comfortable to sit on your shoulder, I hate it when shorter chains don't fit snug on your shoulder and it is bundled up when you have outer layers on.

I have found that there has been a few loose threads that have appeared around the outside skirting of the bag. This was a little bit annoying as they came from no where, and it happened after only a few days. I cut them off easily, so it is not much of a hassle but still it shouldn't really be happening. I have also noticed that this can get scratched very easily due to the outer material of the bag being quite delicate. I have just tried to keep it away from anything which can cause it to dint/ scratch if possible.

I have worn this bag during the day and I wore it to a night do of a wedding and I love that it has that versatility. It is definitely going to get its good use over the next few months, as I love how you can just throw it on with most outfits and it will instantly add some colour and vibrancy to your look.

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