Sunday 22 November 2015

Get To Know Me - 50 Facts About Me

I thought as I have had my blog for over two years now, it was time for you guys to get to know me a little better. So here is 50 facts all about me...

1. Student Children's Nurse
2. Hate bananas
3. Favourite colour is pink
4. Have a phobia of trauma to the eye
5. Fall in love easy
6. Favourite shop is Selfridges
7. My shopping dream is to own a pink YSL bag
8. Want to get more piercings - top of the ear
9. Want to travel the world - everywhere!
10. Passed my driving test first time
11. Want a small dog once I get my own house
12. Love ginger hair on boys
13. Ideal man would be Prince Harry
14. Obsessed with PLL
15. Size 3 feet
16. Gold is my favourite colour of eyeshadow
17. Would to go to NYC on a huge shopping spree
18. Actually really good at saving money - so tight!
19. My favourite place to go on a date would be the seaside
20. 5 foot tall
21. Really loved school
22. 1/8 Irish
23. 1/8 French Canadian
24. Would love to own a flat in central Manchester
25. My dream job if I wasn't a nurse would be to do something in fashion/blogging
26. My style icon is Lauren Conrad
27. If I hadn't of a nursing degree would definitely of done history
28. The thought of being buried alive absolutely terrifies me
29. My first job was at 15 sorting out files at my dads work for the entire summer
30. One Tree Hill was my most watched programme as a teen
31. Favourite place I've ever visited is Italy
32. I hate getting on a train with my suitcase as I'm too small to reach the overhead cabinets
33. Want to be a bridesmaid I'm 21 and it's my dream! Hurry up people....
34. Do want to get married and wear a beautiful lace ivory dress
35. Want to have twins (my dad's one so hopefully!)
36. Not a fan of cats at all
37. People who are disrespectful and overly confident grate on me
38. I believe in karma and it is a bitch
39. My favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese and it has been since I was tiny
40. When people don't lock doors - they're there for a reason
41. My dream car since I was little is owning a black convertible Bentley
42. Want to achieve everything in life which I set out to
43. Favourite cocktail is a strawberry daiquiri
44. Rubbish at all sports at school
45. Danced for 18 years of my life
46. Support Manchester United
47. Frankie Bridge is my idol
48. Hate being alone
49. Getting bored sooooo easily
50. Like cooking and baking

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