Sunday 30 August 2015

New Lush Launches

As we all know lush has launched a brand new line of bath products. However they were exclusive to the flagship store on Oxford Street in London. So for all us lush lovers living everywhere but London we were unable to get our paws on the line. But there is good news awaiting for us, they have realised the line in many other stores around the UK- yippee! 

I am a massive lover of the Lush brand, and have been for many years. They sell so many lovely, unique products containing natural ingredients. I had a little look on their website before heading out to my local store. Thank goodness I was with my mum, as I was surprised that my local store had as much as they did of the new line as it is a very small store. I fell instantly in love with the Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar, as this is just so girly and pretty. As part f the Christmas Collection they sell a pink star which is a really lovely product, and I always pick it up each year. At £5.95 they may seem very expensive, but I always get 3-4 uses out of the bubble bars. As you run them under the tap they rapidly create bubbles, and you get a really good bubbly bath. The Experimenter Bath Bomb was not initially on my hit list, and I had planned to pick up the Frozen Let It Go Bath Bomb which looked very exciting! But the experimenter is so colourful, and I could just imagine my bath being a rainbow which sounds pretty dam good to me.

Have you picked anything up from the new lush line?



Friday 28 August 2015

OOTE: The Flower Print Jumpsuit

As usual when I am heading out to celebrate a friends birthday, I left it until the day to decide what I wanted to wear. After the classic 'floordrobe' in the morning, I decided I needed something new to wear. I had looked in the usual Zara and Topshop hoping something would catch my eye but nothing did. My sister headed into Dorothy Perkins, and whilst she was mass buying, I had a quick look over the Petite range sale rail. This jumpsuit instantly caught my eye, as I do like big, bold prints. I tried on the last size 8 and it fitted perfectly. I always struggle with the leg length of jumpsuits as I am just 5ft, but this was the exact length for my frame. I love the detail of both the big flowers and the butterflies. It cost £20, and then I got my student discount so for £18 I think it is an excellent buy.

I managed to find it on the website, they call it the Petite Butterfly Jumpsuit , they have it left in a few sizes if you fancy grabbing it for yourself. Whilst browsing on the website finding the link, I have seriously fallen for the Petite Rust Tribal Jumpsuit, which is the exact same style, and I may have added it to my basket! Heads up this weekend until midnight on Saturday, it is an extra 20% off online on all sale items.


Wednesday 26 August 2015

Fleur De Force Lashes for Eyelure

I managed to get my hands on the new range of eyelashes by Fleur De Force last week, the day after they were realised in the big store on Market Street in Manchester.  I picked up the style Fleur & Fabulous, as I wanted to wear them for a night out last weekend. I can report back that the style of the eyelashes are a really lovely criss-cross style with tapered ends, and lightweight as they state. The glue adhesive which was enclosed was not the greatest so I switched to my MAC Duo to help attach them perfectly. Usually with many brands of eyelashes I have to chop some of the end of the lash off, as they are too big for my eyes. However, these they were the perfect size for my eyes making it much easier and saving a lot of time, fiddling around and trying to get the exact size. Once they were securing attached, I did not have to reapply or touch up any areas throughout the night which is great, as who wants to be trying to reattach lashes whilst you are out really?! They are such great value at just £5.95, and I will definitely be repurchasing. I have my eye on trying the Simply Fleur style too, as they are a little more subtle with less depth and darkness. Another bonus to these lashes were that when I took them off they were still in great condition, and I am planning on re-wearing them this coming weekend.

Have you picked up any of the lashes from Fleur's range?


Sunday 23 August 2015

Zara Autumn Wishlist

The Zara Autumn/Winter collection is one of the best I have seen, and there is so much that I want. This is nine of my favourite pieces which I have whittled down. They have everything from fur coats and scarfs to every piece of suede which you could ever imagine. I think after this, I am definitely ready for Autumn to arrive.

The Emerald Suede Jacket is an item which I just have to have in my wardrobe. It is such a beautiful and unique colour, and I dream about it every time I see it in store. I am definitely going to be picking it up as it is a must have piece, and I have already decided on everything in which I can wear it with.

The Black Ankle Boots are such great value at £29.99, a thick chunky boot is an essential for the winter months. The zip feature adds a little bit of uniqueness, and I like the two different materials used adding some feature to the boots.

The Camel Coat is such a gorgeous basic coat for the Autumn. I have never owned a camel coloured coat, I usually go for a simple black, but I am wanting to venture out and this is a perfect option. It is a traditional tailored button up coat, and the simplicity of it is what draws me to it.

The Red Midi Skirt  is not something which I would usually choose, as it is quite bright colour but will add a pop of colour to a simple outfit. Button detailing is big for A/W 16, and this is a new way of portraying the style.

The Fringed Suede Black Bag  is such a great staple. It is a great size, and one in which you will be able to use everyday to add some detail to your outfit. I love bags with long straps which you can throw over your shoulder, and you will be able to fit so much in it.

The Navy Pinafore dress is too cute! I love the detail of the bralet attached to the dress, with just a small amount of flesh on show. It is a piece which you could get a lot of wear out of, and being navy it is the perfect colour for the Autumn.

The Grey Funell Collar Jumper  is something which instantly caught my eye. It looks so cosy and comfy and will be so versatile to wear. I love high neck jumpers as they add just a little amount of detail to a such a simple, statement piece. Plus they will also keep your neck warm in the freezing weather.

The Black Lace Up Ballerina Flats are such a great piece of footwear, and I have seen so many pairs of shoes this season with a lace up feature. I think they are quirky and will look really pretty when they are tied up.

The Red shorts are such a statement piece with the big pockets on the front. I love the high waisted style on myself, it suits me personally as it draws attention to my waist and not to my hips and thighs. I love how they are tailored, yet loose fitting, meaning they should be really comfortable.

Have you got any of these items sitting in your checkout basket ready to order?



Thursday 20 August 2015

Italian Travels: Lako Como, Milan and Lagano

Over the last two weeks I headed to Lake Como in Italy for a family holiday. My parents are huge fans of Italy, which I am not complaining about as it is one of the prettiest places you can ever visit. We were staying in a small town called Tremezzo, in the Hotel Balzoni which was a half board hotel. It was situating right on the lake, and it was amazing to eat your dinner overlooking the lake. Whilst there was not very much to do in Tremezzo itself, it was very easy to get around the lake on the local buses and ferries. There are many little villages and towns around the lake, and we visited many of them over our stay. Whilst visiting the lake there are a few towns which I would especially recommend visiting. Bellagio which is one of the biggest towns on the lake, it is very picturesque and has many little shops and restaurants overlooking the lake. Lako Como itself is somewhere which we visited twice, as we liked it so much. To my surprise it was much bigger than I thought, it has lots of little streets and a great variety of shops on offer. For a ferry ticket all day around the lake it was 15 euros, which is a really great way of getting around both sides of the lake and see all the different villages and towns which are there.

The most exciting venture for me personally on this trip was when we visited Milan. As many of you will know I am a keen fashion and beauty buyer, and as the 'fashion capital of Europe' I was rather thrilled about having a bit of a rather large splurge. We did it through our travel company and the trip to Milan was 50 euros per person. It took an hour and a half to get there from Lake Como, which was a rather long journey on a hot, stuffy coach. However, when we got there we were taken on a tour of the Sforzecso Castle, Duomo di Milan (Cathedral of Milan) and taken to the famous La Scala Opera House. When we were then left to do whatever we wanted in the city for three and a half hours. First on my list was to visit the mecca also known as Sephora. I wrote a whole blog post here about my experience, and everything which I picked up or lack of. I did lots of other shopping in Zara which was huge, Kiko and H&M. It is definitely a good shopping place, and there was lots of luxury brands if that is your forte. In terms of culture it definitely signified how you envisage Italy as a country. However, I was disappointed as it was not a particularly pretty city, as I had imagined it to be this beautiful place with lots of photo opportunities and it wasn't. All in all, I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit as I had a brilliant day out, but I would not particularly feel the need to visit again. What I can say is though for a city, it was not too expensive and everything was fairly well priced.

There was a trip to Lagano which is a part of Switzerland which I found rather exciting, as I have never been to Switzerland before. It took about an hour on the coach to get through to the swiss borders. Lagano was a lovely town with lots of different types of shops. All I can say is that it is rather expensive, we saw a risotto advertised for 38 swiss francs, and a pasta dish was typically 25 swiss francs. I do enjoy dining out but this seemed a little steep, as all the restaurants charged within this price range I have concluded that it is just the norm over there. It is the same with the shops, which were expensive and nothing was particularly out of the ordinary. However, in Switzerland they do have a higher rate of pay, meaning that the cost of living is essentially higher.

I hope you enjoyed my little review of my time in Lake Como and other ventures which we made whilst we were there. It is a lovely place to visit and I would visit again in the future, simply if it is just for its beauty.


Sunday 16 August 2015

The Much Smaller Than Anticipated Sephora Haul

First things first, I have to say that I had been rather excited for the past few months about my visit to the Sephora store in Milan. It's advertised as "the biggest in Europe" which rather excited me. So over the last few months I have been putting together a wish list and had essentially saved up for my purchases. All I had been going on about to my parents was this visit, to the palace which is formally known as Sephora.

I dragged my mum in with me and she said I'll carry the basket! As you can see from the picture I came out with barely anything! The brands in which they had were everything which I can buy in Britain from our department stores brands like - Benefit and Dior. I do like Sephora's individual brand which I bought a variety of things from last year which you can see in this post here. I had wanted to buy products from brands which are currently unavailable over here such as Kat Von D, Bite Beauty and Kate Somerville but this Sephora stocked none of them.

The only thing which I actually picked up which was on my wish list is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Mandarin Muse which is a Essie Button influence. It always looks so beautiful on her, and she has similar colourings to me. I love the formula of these as I picked up two last year. In hindsight I wish I had also picked up the colours Always Red and Strawberry Kiss, which have now been added to next years list! What I did notice about these were that I am sure last year these cost around €7 but this I think with all the interest they have sneaked the price up to €10.

The Super Nourishing Lip Balm was a purchase in the ever so famous aisle of doom - simply as my lips were so dry from the humidity of the Italian weather being way over 30 degrees everyday and my lips just not being used to it. But I have to say it did the job, and for €4 it was a great additional find.

There was a Sephora nail varnish stand were everything was on sale, this dark sparkly pink in the shade Sweet Revenge (not available online) really caught my eye and my mum took a shine to it too. So we decided to share it and at just €2 it was a risk worth taking.

And that concludes the smallest ever Sephora haul, which has probably ever been posted by a blogger! But there we go, and I was very disappointed but hey ho! I would love to make a Sephora order online butt the minimum of £75 and £10 is a little too excessive for me liking.

Have you found the Sephora stores in Europe to be disappointing?



Sunday 9 August 2015

Kate Moss Nude Collection - Shade 45

This week I headed to Boots as there has been so much buzz around the recent release of the new Rimmel Kate Moss collection. She has released a range of lipsticks and nail varnishes which all fall into the 'nude' category.

They were not all available but as soon as I swatched the shade 45 as it was right up my street. It is still definitely a nude shade, but it has more of a pink undertone which suits my skin shade. I am not a huge nude lipstick fan as they seem to wash me out, but I was surprised at how lovely this looks on me. It is pale, but it adds just the right amount of colour the lips, a kind of a my lips but better shade.

In the collection there are five shades, and I have also got my eye on 42, which had more of a peachy undertone. They feel smooth and soft on the lips, and add some additional moisture. I think there is a shade for everyone as the line contains different shades to suit a range of skin tones.

Have you tried any of the shades from this collection?


Sunday 2 August 2015

July Favourites

July has been my favourite month of this year so far, I turned 21 and I've been on a girls holiday to Lanzarote, and I've just been able to spend some quality time with both family and friends since finishing university for the summer. Many of these items I took on holiday, and I found them so reliable.

I have been meaning to pick up a Lush Lip Scrub for ages now, and I finally popped in to the store and picked up the Bubblegum flavour. This has worked brilliantly for when my lips have been extremely dry and it has helped keep them replenished and stop them from cracking. It basically takes off the loose bits of skin on the lips which can cause irritation.

Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish in Go Wild-er-ness is a lovely pale lilac, which has been great for this time of the year, adding a splash of colour across my nails. I really like the formula of these, and it lasted a good 3-4 days before chipping, and needing to be topped up, For £2.99 they are such a good drugstore find and I highly recommend them, and there is a great array of colours within the range.

Clinique Moisture Surge has been great for my currently very dehydrated skin, I took this on holiday and added so much needed moisture back into my skin to help rehydrate it. My sister has this and she gave me the sample size to test out on holiday, and I really like it. It is going straight to the top of my wishlist.

Rimmel Good to Glow in 003 Soho Glow is something a great addition to my summer makeup bag. On holiday I mixed this in with my moisturiser to add an overall glow to my face, it is not over shimmery or glittery, just the perfect amount of additional glow.

The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Eclatante is fast becoming my favourite lipstick, I got it off my best friend for my birthday, and its such a great, vibrant pink. I have really been into bright lipsticks at the moment, and this has been a firm favourite recently.

What have you been loving throughout the July?

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