Friday 28 August 2015

OOTE: The Flower Print Jumpsuit

As usual when I am heading out to celebrate a friends birthday, I left it until the day to decide what I wanted to wear. After the classic 'floordrobe' in the morning, I decided I needed something new to wear. I had looked in the usual Zara and Topshop hoping something would catch my eye but nothing did. My sister headed into Dorothy Perkins, and whilst she was mass buying, I had a quick look over the Petite range sale rail. This jumpsuit instantly caught my eye, as I do like big, bold prints. I tried on the last size 8 and it fitted perfectly. I always struggle with the leg length of jumpsuits as I am just 5ft, but this was the exact length for my frame. I love the detail of both the big flowers and the butterflies. It cost £20, and then I got my student discount so for £18 I think it is an excellent buy.

I managed to find it on the website, they call it the Petite Butterfly Jumpsuit , they have it left in a few sizes if you fancy grabbing it for yourself. Whilst browsing on the website finding the link, I have seriously fallen for the Petite Rust Tribal Jumpsuit, which is the exact same style, and I may have added it to my basket! Heads up this weekend until midnight on Saturday, it is an extra 20% off online on all sale items.


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